Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Z-->M (recap)

Backward recap of the past few weeks (yes I've been bad blogger once again- April had me out for the count!!): This is why I have no blogger fanbase.. Im so inconsistent.. please forgive me...shout out to my true readers

1. I'm mad it took me about 2 weeks to get a new badge and new smart card since I switched contractors jobs.. that's defense for you but I'm just happy i can be semi-product although sitting there for 8 hours w/o any net access made believe that im not the net junkie I thought i was.. no twitching no sitting in the corner sweating LOL.. although I felt like I was in the dark ages (news wise) I did jive alright ...

2. Me god son and his mama went to the Cherry blossom festival for the first time. It was pretty cool (weather wise).. he was sleeping the whole way. We wanted to go for the boat ride around the Potomac.. but here's a word to the wise you have to RSVP cuz.. homeboy was not letting us on the boat.. next year I will try again.. maybe hit the tea party Cherryblossom boat ride.

3. Wizards- Oh man so much I can say.. but I won't elaborate.. Caron went down, Gil went down.. we 0-3 in the play offs.. Cya next season!
a. Playoffs in general: Detroit expected 4-0, Miami- WOW not a sweep.. D. Wade get better, Cavs- bout to be 4-0 yall still suck, Mavs- hope yall go down, can't stand them or Dirk!! Utah Houston- intruging going for Utah, Nets/Raptors- Jason Kidd is a beast, Lakers/Phoenix- Phoenix is my pick to win it all, Denver/Spurs- eh' Spurs will probably win.

*mid post update* Game 6 almost over DALLAS going down.. finally the world can see DIRK= SOFT BAMMA

Topics in the next Blog (M->A): coming soon

4. Easter-

5. CISSP Class-

6. new/new Job

7.Wedding Fiasco

8. Mary tix