Thursday, February 18, 2010

.. i am the #1 Mary J Blige Fan

Thanks to beloved twitter I saw a link to

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an intimate Mary J Blige performance live from the legendary Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City as part of the “Live on Letterman” web series. If selected, you and friend will be Mary’s guests as part of the live studio audience. If you live in the Tri-State Area and are over the age of 18, send us an email at with your name, age and home zip code. Winners will be selected and notified by Saturday, 2/13 and must be available during the afternoon/early evening of Tuesday, February 16th.

So yes Md is so not the TRI-state area.. I emailed my girl in Brooklyn like girl please enter.
Well last Friday night I got a phone call of screaming and crying- WE WON! Sunday I had bought tickets on the BOLTBUS you can't beat it mann.. $38 round trip. I left Monday afternoon (yes was like eff- work lmao).. came back yesterday afternoon.

Was it worth it- HELL YES!!!

Now ended up we really treated to a special concert only aired on-line:
Because the Tuesday night Letterman- MJB sung one sung and that was a different audience.

Maryland has been blizzard city aka baby Antarctica but Tuesday in NYC it snowed/sleet/iced all day and me and my girl trekked through the city to pick up the tickets and make the show.
Let me tell you MJB has a HARDCORE following, trust my friends thing I am crazy like groupie/stalker crazy..lmao umm im lightweight compared to the folks I had convos with while we were all waiting in line. Folks that seen MJB over 10 times - all races/sexes represented it was great to be with my 'own kind'

Grown Woman Intro
Love Is All We Need
i'm The Only Woman
Be Happy
You Bring Me Joy
Real Love
love no limit (remix)
Mary Jane (All Nite Long)
I Am (fans sing along & new begining)
Good Luv
Just Fine
Family Affair

She was WRONG WRONG for hitting all those mylife album songs..almost had a breakdown!


8 rows back baby!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

& let there be snow...

my goodness... Maryland has turned into Antarctica or something like we just finished getting our 2nd blizzard of the year. This recent storm was at least 2 feet of covered and what not, metro shut down!
Like here's' a pic

my car is the blob on the far left

love it!