Saturday, September 26, 2009

the love affair continues

with MAC

wooo me and lets call her lil caplady aka my shopping buddy lol went up to pentagon city 2 weeks ago for lunch and of course we did a lil shopping lol. Went to MAC to look around and the sales lady was giving us a preview of the new style black line and she asked if we wanted to get on the list for a free make over the following friday lol who's gonna say no to that. So Friday she and I went up there got our make over and end up spending $60 bucks lol we each got 2 eye shadows & 1 lip glass. The Style Black collection is amazing SOooo perfect for winter dark themes, grays & black shades. Its very extreme black lips black eyes black nails.

Me and lil caplady both jumped out there, she got the jet black lip glass omg its like tar on your lips but they advise you mix it with reds & pinks and it will darken it up. I got a demo of this, the lady put cherry red lipstick on me and took the black lipglass over it; turned into a deep burgundy lol. Too bold for my personality so I got the lip glass with the gray/purple hues.

I also got some more makeup (going crazy right) shipped to me this week. Tried this new brand [Coastal Scents] based on a lot of good feedback online and personal recommendation from a friend. They have several different 88 pallets & I finally upgraded my brush set. Trust granted the kit was only 30$ its wayyy better than what I'm using now LOL. Reviews to come later...

On the music tip I have to speak on the state of 2009 Female R&B singers. I recently just got put on to Letoya Luckett lol remember her the chick from Destiny Child she had the hit torn. Basically I didn't dislike her but she didn't really impress me. My friend was cising her cd on facebook like everyday so finally I gave it a listen. I was blown away like this joint rocks!! So here how it stands Best cds: Beyonce > Letoya > Keyshia Coles > Keri Hilson . Either way Im happy I swoon for female R&B/pop.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

welcome to the family

my new blacberry tour just upgraded from my curve.

this phone kicks azz!! excuse my french

Thursday, September 3, 2009

not dead yet- The September Issue

Ok I guess the reality is I divorced my blog for twitter , sike nah I will be back in f/t capacity soon.. all I can say

Meanwhile via I won 2 free passes to this screening tonight in Georgetown