Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in DC Area whats goody?

Bahrain was a wonderful experience for my professional growth and personal.
Here are a few pictures, though It was not a lot of time for site seeing we worked 10-12 hr days, got dinner than sleep. The time difference was crucial +8 hours. We got back to our hotel by 9-10pm each nite which meant my friends were still at work so I would spend 2 hrs catching up via IM and I wouldn't go to sleep until after midnight. I just caught up on my sleep as of this weekend.


Yummm can't afford jack!


Bahrain Int'l Airport

Hotel (we do it big lol) joint was vicious mad I couldn't get spa appt joint was booked apparently its the best SPA on the island

Neighborhood Life w/ Villas in the background

The dessert was more like dusty dirt than actual sand

LOL sampling of the 'taliban' scarves I bought back for my DC homies


The biggest question from my peers in Bahrain was what certs do you have? CISSP? Net+ My excuse of failing the CISSP by 4pts in 07 is not going to fly anymore. I know I keep saying Imma chill from hanging out stay in and study I have to like no more playing around- wish me luck on this dream.

Lents around the corner starting 25 March- My Raw Foods Detox group emailed me they want to go the entire lent on this modified nutrition plan. I'm down need to get back on my vegan/vegetarian diet along with exercise- heading back in the wrong direction. I always give up shopping for lent so Ill be a no eating no shopping fuel but hopefully this will motivate me to have my butt in the house studying- we'll see.

Last topic: NBA since all -start weekend just passed time to re-evaluate my predictions from an earlier post.

1. Celtics- Correct prediction; though KG out 2-3 weeks can they keep this spot?
2. Cavs- Correct; Just got DWest back hope they overtake the Celtics for top spot
3. Pistons- 6th place; AI= team cancer but they will have alot of cap room in 09/10
4. Orlando- Surprise team in 3rd place; lost starting PG can they maintain in the playoffs?
5.76ers- Squeaked into 7th place.. Elton Brand signing looking like a bust.
6. Raptors- Next to last place in the East these bammas are SOFT!
7. Wizards - I could write a whole page on the anger with my hometeam. We better get #1 draft pick. 111miyon to Arenas who hasn't seen the court in 2 years. We need a hardcore coach who isn't going to baby the players and make them play DEFENSE!!
8. Miami- 5th place.. don't like that JO Neal trade (soft injured bammas)

Atlanta hanging in there 4th place and Milwaukee 8th place Skiles has his team playing D.


1. Lakers- Correct; worried bout Bynum knees; predicting lakers vs cavs final
2. Hornets- What happend to them? 7th place no buzz no magic from this squad.
3. Jazz- 8th place but mad injuries hope they don't resign Carlos Boozer (injured bamma)
4. Mavs-6th place another weird team no buzz no magic another first round exit?
5. Spurs- Grr these bammas 2nd place Im not a fan of the Spurs but I respect Pop and they program (winners!) Got DC Roger Mason glad to see that young brother doing well and excelling.
6. Houston- 5th place- TMAC= soft injured bamma; like he needs to retire.
7. Clippers- My worst pick LOL another lottery pick i didn't realize how bad the clippers franchaise is.
8. Blazers/Denver - Blzaers 4th, Denver 3rd; Oden not feeling his constant stories of injuries but Blazers need positve vet next year get them over the hump. Denver surprise team once AI left Chauncey came in turned them around probably will get out the 1st round.

Surprises: Phonix as of today out of playoffs.. dont like the way they carried Terry Porter

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live from Bahrain

Live from Bahrain I can’t get into a long post because I’m secretly typing this while I should be working and folks keep staring at my screen grrr…

Heres a map because I had to ask wtf the country was at. Don't let the location scare you.. we in the "hotzone" but its pretty safe on this island

I guess you guys are wondering why I’m here and for how long? I don’t like to announce things until I’m 100% sure but I’m here on a work trip. Been getting fried at work for being an international travel virgin but I got my passport in DEC and I lost that status the second we landed in Germany (layover). The flight was about 18 hours. cramped and uncomfy.

Touched down late Sunday night or whatever been very confusing since we are +8 hrs ahead. Ya’ll know the D-Dept we do it way big so I and my coworker are staying in the fab Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa Resort. To say high class is an understatement.. these bammas have Bvlgari Soap in the bathrooms.. there’s a Bentley out front everyday and one night I saw a green Lambo parked. Obama you better do you job because the Dept has not slowed down on the spending LOL.

The only way I can describe the country is Miami feel (palm trees water) with Vegas bldgs (tall and glowing). I’m jealous right now because I heard the weather in DC is high 60’s and its unseasonably cool for the “desert” <80 degrees really been 60s & 70s. I’m down to my last pair of pants but so glad I packed pantyhose and sweats because its CHILLY! I will try and have some pics up next week when I get back but like I’ve been telling my friends not much to take and 8-8 I’m at work and its dark when we get off.

Today is day 4 and woo wee I’m tired not only due to the time change but we have been putting in 10-12 hour days. The motivation is a nice check with about +20 hrs and PER DIEM. I just learned about the PER DIEM hustle recently, now I understand why people lust to be on the road. Out here its 100$ a day which sounds like a lot but the exchange rate SUCKS!! Their currency is BD and its basically 3 American dollars to 1 BD. I should come out with a nice profit because the food is cheap even when you eat at a nicer establishment.
I have not be doing any mass shopping because another sneaky tactic is for them to not lower the retail price but to put BD in front of it so that you would really be paying 3 times the amount. Pretty much been sticking to the local shops, which are known for nice gold jewelry and scarves. I got get about 20 of those ghetto DC Taliban scarves to buy for my friends they like “YOUNG, get us the authentic joints “ LOL my coworkers thing I’m crazy; I keep telling them this is the style in the city, they old and live in VA (enuff said LOL).

All I can say is I already told my girls I’m laying the ground work.. wouldn’t mind a stint out here forreal 1 year or so.. that way I can stack $$$$$$ for a house down payment because folks are caking out here.. and Obama ‘claims” that he will be changing contractor rules so I need to get on it before its too late.