Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this post is 100% vegan

excuse the delay in btw posts I was on a roll there for a minute but of course my work schedule got in the way the past two weeks I was working at our lab site way out in Hellafar, VA hence about 1.5 -2 hr commute. I'm back to my regular 40-1hr commute as of today and what makes this hurt is the whole 2 weeks spent out there we still did not finish the project grrow!

before I begin let me give a quick FU to Ideeli..I had those scarfs on my waiting list (see last post) they were released for sale but because I'm a regular Ideeli member not first row (meaning you get 1st dips) those sukkas sold out QUICK..but I'm not going to upgrade my account unless I miss out on another bomb deal anyway I satisfied my lust via this H&M Scarf

so the detox is over i made it minus 1 or 2 days 'cheating'. I haven't given up some of the vegan/raw foods principles practiced. Matter of fact I haven't had any dairy in about 30 days+ still on the fence of completely giving that up but I have to decide quickly before I get real sick from going back to dairy. I have to give SOY props like I used to gag drinking Soy Milk but I like it that and Soy yogurt work for me. I think that I will keep eating eggs, though I haven't had any for a while just because vegan eggs are NASTY like yellow jello lmao. So right now I'm classifying myself a vegetarian (remixed) cuz def not going the extreme route wearing hemp clothes and giving all my fabulous bags to charity noooo way lol. I finally man'd up and cooked tofu at the crib, did a basic stirfry dish over brown rice (all recipes via the internet) used broccoli, snow peas, as the veggies- gotta expand on that I need them joints that come in fried rice from the carry out lol but I was happy with my lil meal. Gonna keep trying new things try and embrace eating healthy.

got two slight restaurant reviews:

Everlasting Life- Capitol Heights (they also have DC location up on the ave) My neice was scin this restaurant its 100% vegan/raw foods. I was leary given the location but it was run by some I wanna say Muslims.. and the food was bomb. Its a sit down and carry out spot pretty good space inside- you have been warned the clientele were jive all over the radar from militant (wearing medians ie flava flave era) to a bunch of tree huggers lol. I had cauliflower and cheese (aka like mac n cheese) some soy type fake meat and rice- cranking like that califlower n cheese was sooo filling. Gonna hit the spot on the ave providing its near Shaw or Petworth station.

Zaytinya- Downtown couple of blocks from MCI (never call it verizon) Center.

Found this joint via yelp.com (bomb site for authentic reviews). It serves mezza (meaning small plates) Greek/Mediterranean style food. FYI I'm finding that Mediterranean food is a good 'going out' spot for vegetarians. I took my co-worker out for her b-day, we had a variety of foods from hummus pita, grape leaves, falafel balls.. joint was good and prices were not bad.

also gotta give shouts out to my new fave drink

This drink is like my new coffee/tea replacement is got the wheat grass blends, algae all the nasty green foods blended with yummy fruit that tastes good (ignore the color) and give you great healthy energy boost

Yay! The NBA season started and I'm in my usual yahoo fantasy nba league. Here's my team:

Jose Calderon
Richard Hamilton
Carmelo Anthony
Emeka Okafor
Dwight Howard
O.J. Mayo
Richard Jefferson
Al Thornton
Delonte West
Chris Duhon
Matt Barnes
Jason Maxiell
DeShawn Stevenson

Been in this league 6 years now, won the championship once. Last year was in the finals, should have won forgot to set my roster 1 day so I'm trying win it all again. My squad's solid barring no injuries hopefully I'll make noise.

Nba thoughts:

I'm just gonna fake predict play off teams from East and West w/ some brief wanna be ESPN commentary


1. Celtics- KG and PP gonna keep the intensity.
2. Cavs- Lebron he's so good because minus Mo Williams teams slums.
3. Pistons- Quality year after year.. need to get another ring though.
4. Orlando- Will win division.. after Dwight and Rashad mediocre.
5.76ers- Jive a surprise team if everything clicks.
6. Raptors- My man Jose Calderon.. if they click could be higher ranked.
7. Wizards - hometeam respect but I'm still mad no Areanas no Haywood= no wins!
8. Miami- don't see Wade having another loosing season. Could be challenged by Bulls


1. Lakers- My boys better win it all this year!
2. Hornets- CP3 nuff said
3. Jazz- Sexy Deron another loaded team.
4. Mavs- Though Dirk is soft don't sleep on them.
5. Spurs- Hate Tim Ducan but I think they got another good year left esp when Manu comes back.
6. Houston- Everyone picking them to win it all - hell no how about get out the 1st round TMAC then I'll give you some props son.
7. Clippers- Not a bad squad.. folks sleeping on them. Also depends on which Baron Davis they get.
8. Blazers/Denver Mad Oden went down already was feeling the young blazers.. Denver they need to rebuild but Melo and AI could get them back in for another 1st round loss lol

MVP pick- LB23!!

I'm secretly Asian inside lmao.. let me stop stereotyping but I have a new love in the genre of electronica music Trance especially vocal trance. Now yall probably like WTF is that click for sample. I've been raping Itunes for free trance podcats joints be cranking I gotta go to Europe just to party forreal that's the source of the jamz. But since I'm in the DC area I had to search to find good dance/house/techno and the spot to find that is at gay dude clubs. Again yelp.com pointed me to Towne Danceboutique the spot that has draq queen shown (fri & sat nights) then its a straight party till 4am. I went again last weekend had a great time.

Queens be tall youngin! Like 6'5 wit heels lol!

Imma be out of pocket for a few days.. gotta head out of town (funeral) but let me leave on a funny note. The most hilarious Halloween costume I've seen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

black female addicted to retail

me was bad

something to sice my winter coats

new makeup case feeling the Betsey Johnson watches i saw in the store

deal of the year
BCBG Bag from $398 to $94 had to cop!!

plotting on this scarf when Ideeli releases it for sale:
leigh and luca

gotta get into some new side pc work to support my habits

Friday, October 10, 2008

feelin it

this raw detox has really made a sister embrace her inner vegetarian self. I didn't know it existed. I have been eating so many new foods let me run down the list:

1. falafel: I've seen it in many restaurant just not veggie spots so I finally asked someone wtf is this? They its like fried mash chickpeas so i was like hmm ok.. anyway the spot aka my new favorite vegetarian restaurant (Berwyn Cafe) made me a sample falafel patty to go with my meal for free talk about a sicer plus the joint was good yay. Perfect Pita bomb spot near work servers falafel so I will try it at work Monday- yes let me repeat that because I'm super blown I have to work Monday and I have a crucial meeting at that so grr I got prep myself Sunday since Sat I'm going to shop till I drop- okay not really but I do have to hit up the MAC makeup sale and I need some new work shirts desperately but err anyway post about the food not shopping :(
2. tofu lentil loaf- yumm.. its bomb because I love lentils but the tofu makes it filling..good with brown rice
3. Italian tofu balls w/ tomato sauce over brown rice- cranking dish from the cafe..man i didn't realize tofu can taste so good lol also feeling that switch up rice instead of pasta diggin that
4. new wholefoods based energy bar- BG Bar (Fortified with sprouted grains, greens, and Super Blue Green® Algae)- First of all I've been sleeping on the health benefits of sprouts (more on that later), the blue gree algae is out there but the bar tastes bomb, so you don't feel like you are eating "seaweed" lol. It also has 10g of protein which I need alot of due to me not eating any meat. Plus I do get a good energetic feeling after eating the bar usually for breakfast.
5. Sprouted Whole Grain Bread- Basically sprouted bread is bread made after some of the wheat germ has sprouted which gives your more vitamins & minerals and this bread is a good protein source as well. You have to keep it refrigerator so I've been eating it warmed with jelly nice filling snack.
6. Soy Dairy Products- I was such a soy milk hater but I guess my body's adjusted to it because I've been drinking soy milk by its self, also in my Sbux lattes and my cereal :0 . I've had soy based yogurt- eh I'm 50/50 it was good just very thick. I'm still a believer in organic skim milk and regular yogurt, so I'm going to keep thinking about if this will be a permanent switch or not.

So you can see I'm on day 12 of the Raw Foods Detox and other than moving my 1 hot meal around sometimes I'm staying true to the detox.

I have some more confessions I'm turning into a Youtube junkie.. not as in watching movies (been there done that) but as in uploading home made vidz (not those kinds perverts) but my fresh lil canon makes good small vidz for when me and my friends are out lunchin or I'm out visiting places.
For instance I went to a 'special place' last weekend lol a gay (dude) club. Down round Howard called Town Dance Boutique. It was an all out dance party with a drag queen show. My girl who I went with went to Nations (old dance club) before during a foam party night so she knew all about the twirling and glow sticks scene, me on other hand was like just like Wow lol more like Wow!
The Dragqueen was halarious I had no idea they were going to dance and lipsync. The lady/dude hosting the show was great she really got the audicne involved bought some gay white boyz on stage pratcially made him strip really OC. The show lasted about 1.5 and then it was 2 floors of disco lights and straight house music. The place was huge and they had a $3 acholic slushy drink machine OMG good and will get your fried. Man all the gay dancing I couldn't even party because I was laughing so hard at the twirling but it was fun espically because I love all genres of house music. I mos def will be going again hopefully I can find me a gay boyfriend to dance with me all night long.

Some movies from the night:

Queen doing her best Mary J Blige rendention

Status report on the Hometeams:
Nats: Season over.. worst record in the league (work on that)
Wizards: Trying to be an optimistic fan Arenas out, Haywood out (4-6 months) Jaimson (knee sprain should be ready opening night) Like I could deal with Arenas out but Haywood too unless the youngins on the squad are ready to step up big time we are going to struggle.
Caps: So blown about wizards might start watching hockey.
Redskins: Shining Stars out of the bruch (Thank God). Hopefully we will be safely 5-1 after Sunday just have to take it 1 game at time but folks need to stop sleepin on the team.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

lock down

I told myself and my coworkers starting 1 Oct no more hanging out like I have been in the summer. I have to buckle down and start re-studying for the CISSP exam. So... I'm saying that but already this weekend Sat I got a PC job, but I won't count that against me because that's money lol but on Sunday I want to go up to UMUC for the Natural Living Expo. I'm trying be there all day seriously taking some free classes, finding the ladies who sold me some headache oil in 06 (missed o7 expo being sick).. maybe trying win something (06 my niece won a free organic cooking class which started my progression to a vegetarian).

Next weekend my mom wants me to come home. One of these weekends I need to chill with my god-son before he forgets who I am. Weekdays fly by so I don't always have the energy to study but something has to give because I need to knock this cert out before my b-day (12/25 lol)... plus contractually my position is required to have this or Security+ by the end of the year. Its not like I'm going to be fired or anything if I don't acquire it but is more of a personal goal and will seriously fastrack me career wise. I do know that some jobs are cracking down on ppl getting a cert within 6 months of hire so its not a game out here forreal. They are going to be expecting folks to start jobs certified so that money doesn't come out the company's pockets.

Raw food detox going okay I'm on day 4- had a serious meltdown yesterday, headache and migraine/nausea this morning. Luckily we have an email support group so the lady told me its natural for my body to be kirkin out in response to the reduction in diet so she advise me to move my 1 cooked meal for dinner (Chiptole!!!) and make sure I'm doing plenty of healthy snacking so my body can get re-adjusted. As of right now the vegan lifestyle is not for me no way!! Starbucks latee with Soy Milk slums!

I'm kinda upset my turtle is sick :( i don't know if he's going through his pre-winter PMS or what but he straight up is acting different. Not eating alot sleeping all the time, plus his eyes are swollen which indicates he's not getting enough vitamin A or light/heat. So I don't know if the heater in his tank broke or this AC been too cool for him ( had to run it on those humid days). I took him out the tank already had some medicated drops from my old turtles (RIP). This lil baby is only 1.5 so Imma need him to be healthy. I will be making a Petco run this weekend, clean out his tank get some vitamins- don't laugh I can't take another dying turtle; I'll move to the fish world if it happens again :(

I'm through 100%done finished with NY&CO shirts and some pants. Honestly yo like I can't take it anymore ladies at work coming up to me:
"Hey girl did you get that (insert item) from NY&CO"
me- "yes"
"oooh I got the same "

I CAN"T TAKE IT NO MORE!! Last example I got a new shirt wore it Tuesday, one girl told me she had the same shirt then today ina meeting a girl was wearing the shirt WTF
Like I love NY&CO for the tall pants but I'm done ordering shirts from there. I hate people having my clothes its hard enough as it is to be original out here.

Enuff kirkin have good weekend erryone and yes Go skins bout to be 4-1 out chea!!!!!