Monday, July 19, 2010

Tea Fiend

my name is caplady1225 and I Love tea...

I can't get into a lengthy blog because I'm about to take a nap. My entire life is disheveled.
Work = insanity and I'm signed up for the CISSP exam again next month (more on those topics in a future post)

No its not a cookie (lmao) its a PUERH (pooh-air) tea cake (circa 2005) from Teaism (DC).
Here's how it looks unwrapped:

Scary yes! its literary tea leaves pounded together and aged. Puerh tea cakes from way back in the day can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars..
Its prepared by being chopped apart into teaspoon sizes from there you can put into a tea bag or brew via loose leaf brewer. It can be re-stepped 4-5 times and has aged earthy flavor.

Puerh tea is close in family to black tea which is the strongest compared to White (lightest), Green, Oolong (cross btw Green & Black) & Black (strongest).

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ok loves off the nappy land