Monday, January 26, 2009

wii fit is vicious

so I finally found it last week at the target I work on top of LOL.. makes stalking products so easy.. but I was very surprised it was <$100 no wonder it was sold out eveywhere.
Very fun yet challenging.. today the first time I really put some work in 20 mins.. I knew I had bad posture but man this WII trainer is frying me all the time low scores, the yoga is viscous still have the same problems on the game I had doing real Yoga; breathing and moving those positions man you have to be FOCUSED

I'm happy at my techsavy President.. revamped
I read he got to keep his Blackberry the NSA version.. that's cool you can't expect a person of 2009 to take there life off-line..

I better pray for snow I'm supposed to be up here finish some work something called a Quad Chart which is pissing me because we already have weekly/monthly reports, project plans, another tool my boss uses for status and now I gotta do this.. its too colorful and bright

enough rambling Family guy is distracting me gotta finish this work up then sleep maybe I can get snow delay tomorrow LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

last day of vacation/thoughts on Innaguration

First of all no disrespect to the out of towners but I'll be happy to have the city back to normal... I only went out to the city one time Monday evening to meet the Seattle side of my family for dinner. Man downtown was lunching even the regular spots was off they most VIP we couldn't even get into Hardrock cafe.. so after being denied access to some spots we said eff it went to COSI. Worked out great because they don't have COSI on the west coast.. and I love the shop, a lil expensive but tasty. The train ride downtown started off scary because it was a HUGE line outside Greenbelt Metro but me being me went around snuck in, and that's when I realized all those bammas were lined up for farecards. Of course closer we got to downtown more it got packed but jeez it was like summer tourist overload.. so many questions and folks taking pics on metro.

A few of my girls braved DC this AM.. me since I was "teleworking" and working I was because the job kept calling and I had to waste hour of cell phone mins for 1 pm telecon anyway.. I got a call from them at 11 like they gave up waiting in the cold so.. they came here and we watched the swearing in. I loved First Lady outfit though I was like she don't have a coat she must be cold but the green gloves and green pumps FIERCE!

My fav pic from today

"Greatness is never a given. It must be earned. " Pres. Obama quote I loved from his speech. Call me late to the Obama mania because my friends will tell you during the election time I might have read all of 1 article on politics (just sooo not my cup of tea). I'm one of those I voted now leave me alone type of cats which I will admit is a big ignorant given all the hardwork my ancestor did to secure those rights, but considered me a somewhat changed woman. should be shipping my Michele Obama book out (jive like possible role model) and I plan to read Barack's books later as well. Like I've been telling folks lets ride this high.. I'm feeling it because one we as people have no more "white man kept me down" excuses from both the sistas and the brothers.. like we achieved the highest position in American.. limits do not exist anymore in my opinion. I defiantly love Obama embracing technology, site and the forthcoming CTO cabinet position (Gives me a goal).

One thing that intrigued me as an InfoSec professional.. all the security planning and execution that went into this event. For example Obama's Caddy:

Like I said I'm on a personal high right now motivation on 100% not only did I amazon Michele books but got a 2009 GRE prep book because the program I'm lusting to get in could prepare me for doing work related to events like this. GWU has a bomb program related to InfoSec, actually one of the few schools in the area that has a full masters in this topic. It won't be an easy task to get into GWU and paying for GWU but prayfully if its meant to be God will recieve it for me. In the future I'm hoping to maybe one day I transfer from straight D-Dept to other agencies or a joint program because White House communications, Defense, Homeland we are one big old family.

On that note readers be please be pleased with the 5 posts for Jan lol.. work about to crank up to another notch and I don't go purposely MIA but I may have work trip in Feb (more details later) so I just gotta keep grinding- happily though because so many folks are with jobs no point in complaining.

Oh and LOL I broke down and joined twitter (only because I don't like spaming facebook with status updates)- Follow me... Follow me (sung to the tune of the Baltimore house song)

Friday, January 16, 2009

weather bug says its 18degress

woooo Pres Obama should be at home with this Chicago like weather we are experiencing right now this is the time now when we need snow.. its finally cold enuff

I want to try and pick up a bottle of this for my sis who heavily drinks the brown. Hennesey knew what they were doing black folks are going crazy over the Obama henny LOL

I'm about to start my mini-vacation by enjoying this marathon of living single (my favorite show in the world) on BET.

Before I go time to serenade another one of my astrological sistas:

Today, Jan. 17th, is First-Lady-in-Waiting Michelle Obama’s 45th birthday. All I can say is YOU GO GIRL!! You are now, well soon the new DIVA of the white house- march on!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

stuffed and ready to blog

ugh so mad at myself I actually got dinner at the carryout tonight.. like the ghetto joint in my apt complex..yuck I had been doing so well lately anyway

catching up on my e-news I see yahoo hired a women CEO always gotta shout out my IT- Divas. I don't know much about this lady but I laugh wondering how OG tech companies yahoo, aol, palm got left in the dust. Palm makes the most angry because it was around way before the internet. I remember my mom got me a Palm I wanna say middle school or high school so 1995 or so... OK I just checked wikipedia because I didn't want to be lying to yall; apparently the first Palm Pilots came out in 1996
Okay I take my other comments back I was on-line pretty early IMO I got my first PC 1995 I had the internet in 1996 gooood ol 28.8 lmao.. let me reminisce real quick my mom would get mad at me because I learned how to download music at an early era via IRC and I used to tie up the phone line letting the music download over night LOL! That was my senior year hustle because I was the only black person with a PC around my way let alone knowing how to get music and burn cds plus I had huge CD collection to fill in the gaps if I couldn't find the mp3s.. I used to sell mix cds at my job hahah enuff of memory lane.

Hopefully this yahoo lady helps them out because they mis-managed they vision and Palm reportedly has a vicious new OS coming out but they lost huge ground to Windows mobile and now Iphone OS, Andriod.. they really gotta step they game up to regain customers.

I got an email from Bank of America that mobile banking is now available.. I'm jive on the fence with this. The lazy side of me sees myself utilizing the site instead of calling the 800 for those account checks but the IA side of me is like woah is this secure? One I have huge trust in BOA they have a great financial security program, bammas will call you ASAP for weird security activity and take the mischarges off with the quickness, but the internet and mobile web threats have so many unknowns. I will research this some more before I think about using this service.

Before I get off my information security podium lol, my cuzzo PC what a mess that was. People please keep you antivirus software up to date and don't let other people wreck your PCs. I scanned her machine at least 6 different times she had about 7 different trojans mutlipled out to equal about 350 instances of infection. I traced all the viruses back to the guest account her girl uses man I was like don't let her use your PC anymore. Family always get buy would hit her with a nice bill me I got 50$ check lol.

On to some fun stuff.. my job siced me I'm 'teleworking' MLK and Inauguration yes!
I was already gonna find some excuse for not coming in but shoo I won't be home chilling I have mad things for me to work on over the long weekend. I'm also siced my bff and I found an event to hit for Inauguration.

The Washington Presidential Inauguration Fashion Show DC Fashion Week will present the Washington Presidential Inauguration Fashion Show on January 18, 2009. This historic event takes place during Martin Luther King Holiday weekend and precedes the official Inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama.

The Crystal City Doubletree Hotel just minutes away from the Ronald Reagan National Airport, is located across the Potomac from our nation's capital in beautiful Arlington, Virginia. DC Fashion Week, the nation's capital's largest professional trade show will celebrate the tenth fashion week in Washington February 15 – 22, 2009.

The Washington Presidential Inauguration Fashion show will give Washingtonians a sneak preview of some of the great designing talent that has graced the catwalks of fashion week. Like fashion week, the exhibiting designers are from reputable fashion houses around the globe among whom are -

-Andrew Nowell
-Anthony Eastwick
-Corjor International
-Studio D-MAXSI
-Philly Gurl
-Yosoy Fashions

Special Guest Collections to be displayed are Gucci, Prada, Versace & Chanel.

I'm siced but not gonna get too siced like this is not NYC.. I already know the DC fashion scene is a lil light but I'm sure this will beat the only other fashion show i attended a joint out Capitol Heights- no need for me to explain any further lol. DC Fashion Week is 15-22 Feb. Just like every effin thing in DC tix for events are like starting at $100.. so I doubt I'll be attending anything plus there's a great chance I could be out of the country (more on that later).. anyway time for me to chill before bedtime gotta be in the office at 7 tomorrow grr

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary J Blige

my idol, a diva, queen of hip hop soul, a Cap-Lady!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

welcome 2009

I don't really have much to say but wanted to check in..
sitting here listening to trance mix... working on my side hustle aka fixin broken pcs. It amazes how people are still negligent when it comes to going on-line. My cuzzo PC is over here she talking about she clicked some banner ads that said her pc needed to be scanned now she got porno icons all over the desktop. All I can say is more job security and $$ for moi because like I tell my InfoSec peeps web and data protection is top priority as we move forward and our lives become more and more intergrated with the net.

I'm geek'n off how the city is gonna be shutdown come inauguration. I already told my boss don't look for me that day especially since they shutting down 395 how the hell am I supposed to get to VA. I will be home and only walking around my hood that day. My girl emailed me with a list of possible events to hit.. this is when US gonna realize (as if you didn't know already) DC is expensive and she off her rocker if she thinks I'm paying to get into anything.. I doubt there are too many free events poppin off next week. I got a college friend from NY coming down via ABC maybe that connect can get me into some action.. otherwise I"m not pressed. All I need to see is Obama get sworn in on TV.. copped some of the commerative Obama Smart trips for putting on eBay in 10 years lol

This weekend I'll be staying at the downtown Marriot going to L3 holiday gala (they late as hell with the party lol) probably slide down the infamous Park at 14th afterwards.. so I'll write on my expeirances and I already know Thursdays is "black night" but I can get down with any crowd as long as the music is cool. I have no outfit for these events and in dire need for knee boots.. I'm trying to chill hard on the shopping in 09 for reasons Ill get into later so we'll see hopefully Pentagon City can help me out tomorrow otherwise i'm short

Anyway let me go back to working!