Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Live from the bus ride home this made me laugh

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Terrified

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Morning tea

Making my first blend

Green tea : organ Sencha
Mixed with white tea: silver yin zhen pearls

The taste: the green tea is the dominant flavor but finishes with the sweet floral undertones of the white tea. 

Don't laugh at me drinking tea outta Mason jars lol

Either way I hope this blend provides good energy about to drive back home to attend church homecoming with my family.

Caplady out!

Ps this first blog attempt from mobile device hope it look ok

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I have time to blog now.. Hello!

well the blog was dusty but I'm posting before I ht my "one year she no post anniversary" LOL

let see in the last year what's been up?

-Work: Quit my job at the big 4 much happier now.. still loving and working in infosecurity but the consultant life ay...I say this as we fedcontractor & govvies arise back from our furlough "holiday" myself 1-2 years top I want to be working purely in the commercial work. My dream job is which is in the DC Area trust I will get a job there!! 

-NBA season soon: still playing fantasy basketball and venting about my Wizards. I guess my  Lakers are gonna suck this year.. RIP Dr. Buss we are in turmoil

-Weight Loss: Not only have I kept my weight off from my highest weight ever to know I'm down a smooth 70 lbs.. but since late 2011 I've lost about 50 lbs.. amazing seriously. I'm down from 16/18 to 12.. I've never been this small EVER (as an adult). Yes the veganism helps but the exercise and the no car life in DC helps. I can now bike to work with my new job and I still walk everywhere. 

-Half Marathon: Ran the inaugural Washington DC NIKE HalfMarathon in April:  Again my old coworkers were the ones behind me getting in shape they run the marine corps, army 10 miler all the popular races so they were like leave that 5k baby stuff behind and go for the gold. Jogging is still growing on me but all winter I did my lil runs around the city..and ran (& WALKED ALOT)  that joint in about 3 hours. 

Let me tell you the next day this 31 year old body was in PAIN like slow walk pain LOL. What was most embarrassing my cowoker >50 did the race she was fine the next day. training was bad I did not get enough long runs (>.10miles) in so I shocked my body but damit I made it through the finish line and I would love to run this race again. 

-Current Obsessions:
Technology, Technology, Technology - Before I get into this let me stamp that I've been a gadget junkie since a kid. Seriously  in my only child world I was always an executive (cappy trait) LOL I had a filofax organizer as a kid, my family laced me with all gadgets the 1st was the almighty casio electronic organizer
and yes I had the ORIGINAL Palm Pilot during my last year of middle school.. 1st computer by 1995.  My senior year of high school I was interning at our town's only internet service provider.. so again STAMPED geeked from the 90s baby LOL

Anyway I'm loving this era we are in.. coding/development is cool, gadgets are a plenty the internet has soo much for learning/growing. Social media overload - I've calmed down with twitter (got old), IG i like and FB will always be there but I do take SM breaks time to time-- its soo easy to get caught up.

Given my maturation as IT chick- tech is fun but I realize to make it you have to tie to business value. So tech strategy blogs/articles are my new thing. I'm sooo sad to see how Blackberry has faltered but I enjoy reading and watching the OS/Phone/Internet/Startup wars that are going on these days

My current tech portfolio: Phones I have 2 LOL - my main line is blackberry - I'm sorry and i did try but i need a physical keyboard ..i just do. My 2nd phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (rooted) with Sprint (unlimited data) it serves as my modem to keep my ipad computer and friends gadgets online when we are in a pinch lol. Basic dell laptop, my old kindle DX (great for reading). I plan to build a badazz PC next year to help serve for virtualization testing and I do want a MBP.

Juicing: Move over vitamix j/k green smoothies 4 life but my treat to getting a new job in August was the purchase of an Omega Juicer - Love Love Love green juice .. working my way up mentally to do a juice fast one day

Apple: not the I am an Android fangirl however when my job gave me the iphone last year; life changed LOL. I was able to understand the apple fan'ism the phone was simple too simple but easy to use and practical. Coupled with the fact that apps still goto iOS first I've purchased the 64GB - Retina ipad and that joint is my baby! I do want a macbook (eventually) but that $$$$$$$ Apple is overrated but its a lifestyle and those purchasing financially are capable hence the extraordinary sales.

Shopping: Not so much these days I had to take a hiatus during the weight loss as my clothing size was all over the place so if It wasn't coming from a target sale rack - I did not buy. Major progress as many many people reminded me that I wouldn't be caught dead in target clothes a few years ago LOL. I have not purchased a designer bag in almost 2 year. that's all I gotta say about this topic people can change. Don't get it twisted the capricorn in me still love nice high end things but I'm learning how to be more financially responsible and purchase things not so spontaneous. 

Welp that's its folks.. I'm hoping seriously to blog more and I want to migrate this blog to my own domain as I've learned how to manage wordpress sites..well see LOL