Sunday, June 29, 2008

plotting my return...

For the few readers that are still rolling with a sistah and her attempts of keeping this blog alive I thank thee for coming through randomly to see if I've updated the page, sending IMs asking WTF is up and other nagging communication. Also I met a blog star who's page has inspired me to keep pushing and moving forward with this bloggin thang.

Seriously I've been working a lot and in DoD Contractor hell which means wondering if you will have a job as the contract end dates approaches. So I went through that, in addition to being on this project that is very unorganized yet challenging, interesting and should advance my career with the skills I will gain trying to meet the mission goals. The good news as of (last Tuesday) was day 1 of the new 5 year contract and I'm now working for the prime instead of the sub, which in a nutshell means nothing changes about my day to day except who pays me. I now work for a Top 10 IT Firm in the DC Area and for blog purposes lets call them SCS. Unfortunately my former employer small minority owned joint lost the work but the gov't wanted me to stay on the project so viola.. contracting in the DC Area is a dirty world but I'm just happy to be employed and hope I can work at SCS for min 3-4 years and not continue to be a contractor whore jumping from company to company. Working for SCS means I have no excuses for grad school now they will reimburse up to a whopping 15k a year like young that's just another blessing because I might need to soak up that entire cap trying to get the GWU grad degree I desire messing with their high tuition rates.

Let me roll through the rest of my life updates:

The CISSP exam I studied for as referenced in this post ( failed the test by 6 points. Man that was such an emotional defeat. My girl got hers much props another one of my coworkers failed twice so I'm finally ready to dive back in and start studying again because its essential to validate my skills and provide maximum career growth. I'm all about working hard and getting to the top of the pyramid in this here chart below aka the Caking Pyramid!

My hair- Yes the locs are forming and growing I'm very happy with my progress and the baby ponytail action I got as I approach my 1 year anniversary in Aug.

I had to say RIP to my AC Legend, and let me tell you they don't make cars like that no more!!! I got in a lil accident and of course Geico declared my boo totaled so I got a lil check to use towards a new (used) car. For now ya girl is riding until I get a lil something and I flat out refuse to get a car note/loan- the motto is no new debt until I can get my house in 09 yall!!!! Its been about a month I've been on foot not bad at all due to where I live <5 mins from the train station and my wonderful friends scootin me around.

I'm still doing my vegetarian thing ( 1 year in March) which brings me to my next topic a review of this DC restaurant Vegatate. Me and my girls who were willing to step out and try something new rolled down there last Thursday. Its on 9th street a few blocks down from Mt. Vernon Square metro and its a renovated rowhouse turned restaurant.
Its definitely a small but trendy spot, they have a bar area on the 2nd floor and about 4 tables set up on the main level for dining which a RSVP is required. The food was bomb, I got the Crispy Risotto Croquettes with sun dried tomato tapenade, Simple Greens Salad with lemon thyme vinaigrette, and a Veggie Burger. The funniest thing was my drink Green Tea Cool Out (Charbay green tea vodka, lemon juice and agave nectar) green tea and liquor combined lol heaven in a cup, naw I'm not a drinker forreal but that was interesting mix and tasted pretty good too. All in all I would recommend Vegatate its a chill dining experience that won't kill your pockets and has a variety of stuff you probably never ate before.

Quick F-U to Boston for beating my Lakers! We'll be back next year! Kudos for KG, PP finally getting ringz though.

Since I've been taking metro all the time I've noticed that something that irritates me to no end. Ladies who carry store bags as totes and what I mean by that is someone carrying a Neiman Marcus bag that's holding their lunch. WTF I mean if you are trying to show off/prove you can shop at a 'exclusive' store why carry around the bag how about buying a real effin tote from Neimans or LV, Chanel (I've seen them all). Its so tacky and it must stop.

Anyway..I won't make any promises yet on how many blogs I can get in weekly but just know that I'm trying my best to connect with you folks more trust I have plenty to talk about!