Thursday, November 6, 2008

don't have much to say

but i had some free time on my hands so why not write a post

first of all let me make my official statement on Obama winning the election:
"I would say i'm happy that the racial divide in America is closing up some because I wasn't sure folks was gonna be down for a brother running things but I"m very impressed by the win and looking forward to the changes coming in america as long as it doesn't affect a sista's job lol but I'm also glad they my 94 yr old great aunt got to vote and be apart of history."

i've been in training the last 2 days; took this 4 day class called Information Assurance Boot Camp its a refresher cuz I took this course back in 2005 but they have renamed it since then and made it better. These dudes running the class OMG talk about relaxed lmao day 1 we get to leave at 230 to go vote which Thank GOD that there was no line at my local spot. Day 2 they told us we dont' have to be in until 10 because they knew folks were going to be up watching the votes come in. Since then we get like 4 breaks a hour lunch and class get out at 315 what the heck lol. They are spoiling me because I've been used to coming home no earlier than 7 pm the last few weeks. I'm not gonna know how to go back to 9-5 lol. Anyway the class is good its getting my brain re motivate to reconsider studying for the CISSP since we all know OCT was a failure in terms of achieving that goal. I'm not putting any promises out there yet but I needs to get that cert.

topic i'm not talking about until next year:

Call me a bitter fan but I'm still mad about the whole Gilbert Arenas situation. Not saying that brother didn't deserve to get paid but like we caked him out and boo-ya he had another knee surgery I'm just saying please don't be damaged goods because we Ok with out him but Great with him at 100% so I'm just praying when he come back in January it will be all good but until then since my man Wood out just about all season we kinda suck but I tune every now and them to see my man Butler killing them out there and to check out Nick Young and squad.

Team I'm following all the way to the championship game:

Let make this clear I've been a Laker fan since 2002 before that I didn't watch ball much but yeah I've stuck it out with the lakers through the last championship the drama the draft pics kobe and i was heartbroken when we went down to the Celtics (hate them) but we got my man Bynum back its time go hard and get these rings! My man Pjax time to get his 10th ring yessir...
So i'm wrestling with the idea of paying for the league pass so I can watch my Lakers squad but i don't because those west coast games be LATE and I'm sure enough can't be late for work messing with them games.