Tuesday, May 13, 2008

quickie post

so paparatzi found me creeping through the world wide web and now im back...
so the press asks: "Caplady where have you been? why the hiatus? do you feel like you have let your readers down being absent?"

lets see #1 I've been working forreal like i have a real adult job now lol joint be crucial at times but I'm learning alot so that's always a plus.

oh lets me update the readers on my hair progress.. hairdresser says im officially locked but i don't know because its still fuzzy and some of the twists are seperated so i have alot of problems :( my hair is like an a site under constructions when i just need the project to be done!

now yall know i'm #1 Mary J. Blige fan to the end and I gotta scie my girl for getting on this month's Essence cover but that video for Stay Down slummed!!!! First of all I"m trying to understand what does the artic ice have to do with the song. Like this song is kinda postive so like when i see this artic ice im like sad and I see Mary wearing these atrocious firs I'm like wow PETA is gonna be on her but I put the blame on Hype Williams. You can tell he shot this vid, trying to recreate the magic of the Everything vid with the swirly background crap but lets note the differences: One its tropic island kinda happy makes you feel cheery. Two its a real envoirnment not stimulated Antarctica like in Stay down, you see Mary standing on the sea shore and know that she's really on an island. Anyway she really should made a video for hurt again maybe that will be her next joint hopefully it will be more creative.