Sunday, February 18, 2007

no work monday *yaY*

so tonight I'm chilling watching my east coast all-stars get ran out the gym. .kinda mad cuz E.Jordan (Wiz coach) is coaching the east starts hmmm...
Anyway no work tomorrow..

20 Feb- im developing a bad habit of starting a blog..saving it as draft and finishing it days later hence this joint been working on for like 2 days so let me finish my thoughts before this final product makes no sense to the outside world.

Friday- went to my girls 70s b-day jam. Had a fabulous time. Now i can reveal my costume; I went as member of the black panther party LOL. I got official Military BDU jacket from my co-worker, decorated it w/ some unique patches I won off ebay and the final product:

If you can't see the left patch is Marcus Garvey, right Malcom X.. Yes! My jacket is like dat and I tied for 1st place in the costume contest.
Sat- Woke up 3pm didn't get home till 3am..I was sick and slept most of the day away after getting sandwich from Potbellys and my brows arched.

Sunday- hung out w/ neice (29)...she forced me to go this Wedding Expo at Martins Crosswinds.. um she living w/ her man(no ring) and i can't get my own f-ing relationship in order which means neither one of us belonged up in that joint!! I was going to turn around and go home but she paid for me to get in ($12) they gave us big buttons that said: BRIDE... i put mines in my bag and kept moving. It was wild though.. one i didn't expect so many free samples of food and wedding cake yumm.. but everyone kept asking us which one of us was getting married. We rambled out lies and kept it moving. Leftys bridal has a fashion show which was off the chains LOL.. this gay guy was the MC so he kept sciing every dress like "ladies pay attention to detail.. yes.. lawd Fashion (big pause) at its better work girl..just cuz your cousin can knit a sweater doesn't mean she can make you a dress" LMAO the dresses were fly though but what i learned from the days events is that weddings are jive complicated!

Today I had my first interview.. via phone w/ a company that wants me to do security work at the Census Bureau in Suitland. The interview was cool the lady (a sista) actually used to work at my current agency so she digged everything I was spittin. The cool thing about this project is we would be implementing a security plan from scratch but its not Defense related so I'm not sure I want a civilian job. The best thing too is the joint is in Maryland right down the would hot not having to go to stinking VA erry day.

Tomorow I have a face to face interview.. which I'm up here now flat ironing my afro (left over from 70s jam).. and I should have just neatly re-twisted my hair I mean its not the 1930s anymore, bammas shouldn't be scared to meet a black lady w/ natural hair but no i got scared and I was like let me straighten this 'ish out make it look normal but its frustrating cuz my hair is SHORT and its kinda frazzled on the ends so the heat is not making it lay out straight basically I feel its a hot mess and its almost 1am and I'm still not DONE!!!
Kirking well.. imma finish this hair and blog again, end of the week w/ a Job update..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sippin on some Theraflu.. waiting on the snow

Well I'm becoming more comfortable w/ blogger and.. its cool I really miss my "what am I reading/watching/listening" to portion that was integrated w/ Xanga posts.. I know there has to be some html/javascript code or something that can allow me to put that back in my blog so if you know if any please let me know cuz I like sharing with the world my diverse tastes...

Here's the manual version of what I'm listening to: Allison Crocket- Return of Diva Blue- 11-track CD album comprising a collection of remixes based on tracks from her debut album 'On Becoming A Woman' - a sensuous soul tour de force that blended elements of Jill Scott, Meshell N'degeocello & UK broken beat visionaries 4-Hero; featuring mixes by a who's who of top flight DJ producers including DJ Spinna, Yam Who?, Phil Asher, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Waiwan, Landslide and more. Kudos Records. 2006. * Vinyl pressing also available.

I'm trying to get in the habit of blogging daily or at least writing something everyday its getting better.. I really need to work on my poem compilation cuz my one word doc of poems is getting OC its like 30pages and i have slips of paper all over the house of pieces of poems I've started and left alone not cool at all.. and speaking of poetry my fav poet of all time is coming to do a speech at UDC tomorrow.. Nikki Giovanni. I'm excited but kinda of scared b/c of the inclement weather strolling through DC.. like i know if i don't go to work im not going all the way UPT to UDC but.. she released a new book last month so she's currently promoting that joint..

I realized I'm a chain smoker.. that is I light insents back 2 back 2 back 2 back lol... I have issues. I normally buy 3 bags at my shop (shout outs to Herbal Essence @ pg plaza) every payday and normally I'm empty prior to getting paid again.. sad!!

My god-son has not been born yet he's officially one day late now!! I'm like it would be cute for him to be born tomorrow V-day but um.. I can't get to Ft. Belvoir hospital in the icy conditions and I think its kinda gay for a male to be born in v-day so lets shoot for 15 Feb.. but this boy man his knocking knocking on being a Pisces (Feb 19th) vs Aquarius.. and trust having two Aries parents (god bless the boy.. he'll need to be a aloof to survive them and not be an emotional water sign).. but I'll think he'll be here in a few days..

Friday I'm going to a 70's Jam. I can't comment on my outfit for free that other people going will see my post and copy my vicious outfit but trust the fro will be on display!!

On a serious not before I go.. I been having mad turmoil in my life re: the heart and soul of me: my job :( Now i just had my 1 year anniversary as being a contractor on 6 Feb and a week later my boss sat me down and said after 28 Feb my component of our current NON EXPIRING contract was being removed.. with out getting into all the details why; its not really the companies fault but this agency which i won't name because I don't want to be on the front page of the post as " lady fired from agency for frying them in a blog" lmao but this agency is very unorganized in the way they wish to manage contracts. Needless to say this hurt my first time being a contractor and this is what they always warn you about- the instability of it all.. So my boss is working hard looking for opportunities within our company because they don't want to loose me and I know she is trying hard for a young sister because she called me at home to give me a daily update and I appreciate that. But in the meantime I have to look out for me just incase all things go bad. My friends (monster/hotjobs/dice) have been good to me again.. My goal was 10 apps a week and I did 5 today and by time i got home I had 3 email inquiries and 1 phone call (one place was really pressed) and i know its the clearance that keeps me afloat but now I look in the lessons in all these roadblocks in my life, instead of being emotional upset and although this was my 1st time being a contractor I have been working at this agency for 5 years (June 07) and i got spurned on the gov't side and now this situation as a ctr.. so I"m like is God trying to push me out? I know I'm VERY comfortable there.. like i have great friends and this place is relaxed in all aspects like as long as you do your work, don't disrespect nobody you will be aight taking a long lunch.. aight getting to work late.. aight leaving early ya'll know the gov't but again I'm looking at these new opportunities and trying to not be scared of the change because I really am.. and on that note I"m out cuz this theraflu has me feeling good.. feeling great!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

some things I bought

so I was walking to my bathroom to wash my face when the extreme lemony scent overtook me, I was like what the hell has my bathroom smelling like thing? then it hit me, my newish fetish SOAP: Ya'll already know I"m on my natural organic lifestyle but my mom put me on to the black soap about a year and half ago because she wanted to help me clear my face so I had been using the black soap before I began my other transformations.. it also helped that my insecent shop (Shout out to Herbal Essence @ PG Plaza) kept the black soap ; 2 bars for 5$ best deal ever! So back to the bathroom I had forgotten that I had went on a binge and bought 2 bars of soaps I've never tried before another brand of regular black soap and Lemon Grass and Tea Tree Oil soap, because I still had bars of soap I was using I had stocked those two in my medicine cabinet. That lemon grass is STRONG but smells so good...i have to find the right scent of lotion to match it before i break it out.. But yet check out to see wide variety of soaps esp if your local area doesn't have that connection. And please believe the black soap does clear and smooth out your completion.. I've put 2 of my coworkers on to that and natural shea butter and they both have noticed improvements...

Well.. I"m kinda on a shopping fast again Started 1 Feb.. but I snuck in and bought an e-book reader 31 Jan.. I had been researching this device for a while and incase you don't know what one is/does let me break it down:
Courtesy of Wikipedia: An
e-book (also: eBook, ebook), sometimes called an electronic book, is an electronic (or digital) equivalent of a conventional printed book. The term has occasionally been used ambiguously to refer to either an individual work in a digital format, or a hardware device used to read books in digital format, more specifically called an e-book device or e-book reader.

E-books have been out for a while.. back in the days when most folks read Ebooks via PDA.. there a few dedicated Ebook readers out there the most famous being the Sony Reader that came out last fall. The thing to note when dealing with an ebook reader is the technology behind it.. the older ones use a digital screen like a pda or a regular electronic screen and the newer ones use an E-ink technology. The E-ink duplicates the true life reading exp ( display technology designed to mimic the appearance of regular ink on paper. Unlike a conventional flat panel display, which uses a backlight to illuminate its pixels, electronic paper reflects light like ordinary paper and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity or using processor power, while allowing the paper to be changed.) The devices I researched were the Ebookman1100, Sony Reader and the Irex Illiad. There are more go here to view:

Ebookman 1100- Older technology, great price 120 , includes built in dictionary, bookmark, highlighting and search technologies: Cons: conversion needed to read newer formats like PDFs etc.

Sony Reader- E-ink- Tad Pricey (350)

Irex Illiad:

My short opinion is yes it does look cool on the screen but until the price of E-ink devices comes down and they can include some kinda of backlight so the user doesn't have to purchase a reading lamp then I'll consider purchasing one of those devices for now its all about the Ebookman- So far I'm please I'm still going to be primarily a paper book reader the ebooks are just something on the side until Ebooks become more popular. So far my Ebookman experience has been cool. Bought one book from some random site A mythology joint cost 4$ and some change.. and it was purchased as a .lit file (read via MS Reader).. basically the only downside to the Ebookman is it natively only reads in .html,.doc,.rtf.txt but .lit,.pdfs and other ext can be converted down to a standard text file. The one thing about buying ebooks just like Itunes it has the DRM strip on it so that the file can't be shared with others. Not going to get into the specifics but there are programs out there that unecrypt your secure file so that you can convert and load to Ebookman w/o any problems .. basically what isn't hackable these days young!!

I'm turning into a lazy blogger.. I started the above post Saturday before I drove home to visit the fam.
I"ll have to finish the Ebook Reader comparison at a later time for now.

But to add on to my black soap post when I got home my mom surprised me with...

Nubian Heritage Black Soap with Shea Butter, Oats, Aloe and Vitamin E- I could tell the diff right away when I washed my face that night. That extra shea butter ingredient gave me more moisture instantly.. like i didn't even put any oil on my face that night because of that!! Props to mom dukes!!

Last topic:

Mad tonight came home washed my blankets and sheets thought I had more money on my laundry card didn't have enough to dry my stuff. Ran out to CVS bought some crap and tried to get cash back on my card so I could add the $$ to my laundry joint. So i have a mini- Bank of America card when i bought my stuff the machine wouldn't read it (too small) so did swipes it at the register I'm like dog i need cash back. "no we can't do that if i swipe the card' Bottom line i left w/ new febreeze and a candy bar, only to come home to wet blankets and sheets. Mind you I totally stripped my bed so.. I'm air drying my shit and sleeping on the sofa tonight and on that note IM OUT!!