Monday, January 29, 2007

Almost Home

GRR still not happy with my layout but its 80% passing for now.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

dont forget we start the year/end the year (Jan/ Dec)

We'll blogger people- I'm still making a transition from Xanga so be prepared for layout changes and multiple blogs (my joints from xanga)..

meant to get this blog in earlier cuz Jan 20. starts the time of the odd but intriguing Aquarius.. but
alas..I must blog about the BEST ASTROLOGY BOOK EVER.. my girl put me on to Sexstrology aka The Red Book.. and not this aint a freaky-deaky joint its well written, very detailed and using mythological gods to describe the 12 signs (+1 for me b/c I love Greek Mythlogy). This book made me slam it to the floor so many times becase they describe my good and bad qualities to a T! Let me highlight a few things I Found interesting.. Now let me add that this break downs each sign male/female so all I"m bout to recap is strickly for the cap_ladies:
1. We associated w/ the age group 63-70; which also goes a long way in exlaning her conservative unadorned style and love for funerary black granny glasses and cross pendants and other such religous talismans- Jive tru i used to feel old as a young girl..and my mannerisms sometimes are of that of an older lady esp when it comes to house and home and I do wear and ANKH everyday as necklace and ring and f-dat granny glasses my black square frame FENDI glasses are hot not granny (but someone called them granny glasses a few day ago)
2. We have a weakness for shopping at designer boutiques- quality is her credo- Ya'll know that from my blogs haha but again i just don't shop anywhere has to be Quality goods.. I've learned not go shopping w/ another cappy.. story my and my lil cappy step up in Pentagon city I was like girl don't let me buy ANYTHING today.. first store we step in - Nordstorms; I see some cute rainboots try them, start debating in my head. Here she go: Ooh girl they cute you should buy them Me: *Screaming* what happend to our pact your not helping the situation! Lesson learned!!
3.Sponteninty is an issue- Jive tru.. one of my girls now is working with me to get me out of living on a schedule. I put EVERYTHING on a schedule, even QT w/ loved ones- fucked up but I can't help it choas bothers me
4."she may downplay her sometimes extradinary good looks, weraing understated, even decidely unsexy clothes in dark, shawdowy hues- black being not only her fav color but one associated w/ her sign- intent upon remaining as inconspicous as possible"- LOL Tru I grew up only wearing dark colored clothes (My mom used to get mad she loved greens, oranges ,bright clothes) only really grew out of that by shopping w/ my Leo friend who wouldn't even wear dark clothes to a funeral (tru story she wore bright red to a funeral)..she convinced me pink is my color so only through her i mixed up my wardwrobe.. but my car is dark blue w/ illegal 20% tint (b/c I don't like to be seen LOL) and i know 3 cap ladies who die their hair jet black on purpose LOL
5."the Goag girl often mnifest physical eviden of her sign's metaphoric recuperation as actual scars, typically on her face"- This book is OC, I have scar on my eyebrown from when I had to get stiches as a child from crawling into a chair and who else has HUGE scar on the face- Mary J Blige
That's enough for now.. buy the book and be amazed!!

Its finally real winter weather and we have a fluke threat of snowy weather late sunday evening/ monday morning but a mere 1inch of snow (not enough for a storm) I'm not even getting my hopes up.

Today I went to the Washington Stage Guild to see a play called the Countess w/ some of my co-workers. It was great!! The play took place in the late 1800 and was about the turmoil marriage btw a young girl and her older husband who was a professor on Art and Art History. Basically his love for the asthetic beayty associated with paints etc carried over into his life for his wife, meaning he constantly scrutinzed her action, her beauty, her clothing etc.. Him and his wife and his young protegee went away to Switerland for some working vacation and basically young boy and wifey bonded and she began to realize how a man should treat a lady and they fell in love during the trip and basically she is able to annull her marriage on the grounds that they never consumated it (i.e have physcial relations) LOL I was rolling but the play was great. On the walk back to the metro my co-workers informed that the rule was still true today that if you don't get busy you can annull your marriage w/o any penatly! One thing that i LOVED was the language from the time period the chivarly and the way they address the woman when entering/exit a room.. anyone who knows me , knows I call myself a lady constantly and I would be geekin if men called me Countess Ke on a regular basis, bid me good day and all that jazz
Here's my official information on the play:

The Countess by Gregory Murphy - An Area Premiere
Directed by Bill Largess
January 4 through February 4, 2007

In one of the greatest scandals of Victorian England, renowned critic John Ruskin's young wife divorced him to marry his protégé, the painter John Everett Millais. The public revelations made about Ruskin, a widely respected writer who influenced Wilde and tangled with Whistler, would be surprising today; in the 19th Century they were shattering. Yet who suffered the more by airing them: Ruskin himself, or his youthful wife, known ironically to their circle as "the Countess"? Her struggle to assert her right to a normal life in the face of his manipulative deceptions makes The Countess a fascinating drama with contemporary resonances on every page. This production will be the area premiere of this long-running Off-Broadway hit.

last topic of the night:

Ke was a bad bad bad girl Friday afterwork..went to tysons w/ lil cappy (mentioned in the Pentagon City story) it was payday friday...she needed an outfit for a fashion I was just ready to shop (within a budget of 100$). Strike one get to the mall I have no check cards no cash, and no banks nearby. So everystore i went in had to ask if they accept checks (embarring) but my money was good but that did stop me from buying stuff in stores like Forever 21 etc could only write checks in official retail stores.. but what made the day bad bad bad was this:

Now this guess bag was in Bakers..cuz i stayed away from all purse shops was just browsing for shoes and left w/ this.. i'm kinda mad b/c i have 2 bags in the queue haven't worn yet and now this makes 3. The shopping fast is starting monday and what gonna make this one different is I'm making list of what constitutes breaking it b/c last time i got the socks and i tend to buy things that aren't really crazy purchases but I know i don't NEED these things so I gotta go cold turkey wit order to help my shop-ho-lic spirit

Saturday, January 20, 2007

a day in the life of kelolo

so yesterday I'm standing at the metro bus stop waiting for one of the 10 million buses that pass by my apt to arrive at the tran station so I could go home.. while waiting I see my talkative neighbor w/ son in Tow. Now this dude he's a nice guy but lawd I only see him at the bus stop in the mornings and evenings and he always wants to banter on about nothing ... like when I'm wearing my headphones that clearly means DON"T TALK TO ME.. and esp in the morning; i'm not a morning person and i like to listen to my music, get a nap on the train ride in and get myself prepared for the 8 hour work day. But back to the story- this dude was like yeah man I'm pissed at the C2 Bus driver Me: why? Him: Yeah that bamma pulled off and left me and my son after I knocked on the window Me:4 real? Him: Yeap so I'm waitin for that bus to come back here to the metro imma tell that bus drriver ho wi feel.. Me: (happy that my bus just pulled up-walking away from him) : Okay well stay out of trouble...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Blog Spot Post

Before I get going want to say Happy B-day (RIP) to my cappy-sis Aaliyah

We Love you Baby-Girl!!

Yes I"m on a blog roll:

Topics today:

The creation of a D.C Superstar: LA has Kobe, Clevand Lebron, Miami D.Wade- and DC has been bone dry (we not even gonna go there w/ the whole Mike Jordan expirement)..but and lets get this straight EARLY- I'm not a hop-on wiz fan. I became one back in 02-03 when 2 terps (Juan Dix, Steve Blake) were drafted.. so now that ya'll know I've seen the franchise go from Zero to Zero (LOL) haha meaning shoot if you ain't know I've talked about him before but its just amazing to see a Down-to-earth brother single handly ressurect a franchaise.. and if you missed Monday's MLK Game.. you missed the dagger play (second time this has happend)..Arenas.. takes the clock down.. goes out beyond the 3pt line then _ all he wrote but the DAGGER is.. he knows the shot is good so he walks off before the 'ish goes in (BOLD)!!!

All i can say is Feb 22nd babye.. i'll be at my 2nd wiz game of the season section 102 indeed!!

and while we on the subject of NBA: Buyouts- Basically the franchise can cut/terminate a players contract by the owner and playing agreeing to a sum. Afterwords the player is free to sign with another team. This just happend to Chris Webber sixer terminated his contract for like 20 million something saving them a lil dough meanwhile.. Chris just signed w/ the Pistons looking for that ring. Hellz no If I owned an NBA franchise and I got beef w/ a player or whatever.. im not gonna pay him off and let him sign with another team. He will sit on the bench and suffer or If I pay one them ballaz off better belive its gonna be for less than half the total value of the contract. Its not right how these bammas making millions.. acting like babies then make even more - No GOOD!

Tired.. and working on a transition to blogspot.. I love xanga but the closed comments is - No GOOD!

So I'll be back tomorrow w/ more ramblings:

Gotta talk about Iphone hype
Potomac River