Friday, March 14, 2014

yes I'm an apple fan girl

trust me I loved my blackberry through and through and through.. I kept it until Nov 2013. Let me introduce you to the backstory to why I switched..

It started when my old job at the time was like ok you can upgrade your phone (currently had blackberry w/ the slide keyboard; forgot the model #) the time I had a Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet, Galaxy S2 (rooted + modem/hotspot) and my main phone Blackberry. I had to admit I was iphone curious like people just loved there dang iphones and I thought they were crazy lol.

Let me add another backstory I forget the date but some point in 2012 I went a lil crazy when I decided it was time to upgrade my motorola zoom and I bought a basic iPad and Lenovo Thinkpad tablet to try and figure out what I wanted in my next tablet. I hate the ipad the whole apple ID crap and the thinkpad I loved the built in stylus but it felt slow and crashed -- both were returned and I went w/ the Toshiba Thrive due to the addition of the extra slots for expandable memory.

Ok back to the main story so what tilted my decision to get an Iphone 5 for work was the fact I was growing tired and frustrated with apps only being on iOS and never or taking forever to port to Android. I was not a big fan of touch screens but upon switching I immediately noticed typing on iPhone vs Androids was worlds apart. AND THAN CAME APPS...lawd apps looked better on Iphone.. trust me I love Androids widgets and extreme customization but the simpleness of iOS was a refreshing break.  I totally eased into let me do that from my iPhone and got comfortable. So as of Aug that job and my iphone became splitsville...

Now I still had my trusty blackberry and had been waiting and watching there news and the anticipated (at the time) revamped keyboard BB (Z10) running OS 10.

Let me state on the record that the old CEO decision to release the all touch BB before the keyboard one - grinded my gears - SMH!

So between 2012/2013 the news was tearing BB a new one with articles like these - How the BlackBerry Died: & the stock price was falling falling the company was in shambles. Again I was a believer I loved my blackberry keyboard and I loved the fact my BB afforded me know distractions. Like FB barely worked on there and you could forget about instagram LOL.

Moment of truth came; I went to verizon to demo the Z10 - talk about being blown! I could deal with everything exact no trackball and no physical back button. I just couldn't jive with navigating around and yes maybe I could have adopted to it but after the Verizon reps laughed at me for asking where are the blackberries I sauntered over to the Iphone section. Now a sista didn't have stacks to be putting up to buy the Iphone 5S (at the time) but Verizon lil 'well mark up the phone but let you pay on it monthly deal' hook/link/sinker lol.  I was soo happy to switch but yet I still yearned to be comfortable so I purchased this doohickey for my iphone

It lasted maybe 2 months after I realized I never needed it and could type and input great on my iPhone. My biggest worry was feeding my evernote addiction w/ blocks of text but everything was great.

So here I stand with my trusty iphone and Ipad (which I'm seriously debating about getting a mini LTE).. happy, smiling and in App heaven!

Hoping to get a Macbook Pro this year to complete the trifecta!
I see how apple does it buy one product turns into multiple... and I am a testimony to that strategy.

Happy iOS New Year!

Well we are knee deep into the Capricorn Season
I  celebrated my birthday last week (12/25 - lol) turning a bright 32!

Boy do I feel my age LOL here's a list of things that have changed since saying good-by to my 20s
-TIRED TIRED: I recently changed jobs; shortened commute time, switched to less stressful job and I'm still tired. I attribute it halfway to age and to my habits. I tell people all the time being vegan is still not a pass, I still need to eat a better diet that consists of more raw foods and again less 'vegan junk'. I've decided to go gluten free and for me that's pretty easy change as I don't eat alot breads rice or pasta for me this means buckwheat (instead of oatmeal) and no breads (eating out) and continue to stick to veggie wraps.

-CONCENTRATION:  Lawwd now I kinda feel I was in denial of this but music + work = caplady cannot concentrate lol. Honestly I've grown alot anyway DC has killed gogo music, rap/r&B sucks.. so I listen to alot of beneficial podcasts, CNBC/Bloomberg streaming through out my day and honestly if I need background

-PATIENCE:  Man I'm pondering if technology has ruined my brain

note: actual post date 3/14/2014  - SMH 3 months later clearly not complete but trying to re-active my blog life

title will make sense in a moment (see next post)