Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Hello..yes we are at end the year- midway through the glamorous season of capricorn (yes I turned 28 uhh a week ago lol)

I have been MIA just not in the best place..oddly enough i'm aggressively (on some days) job hunting.. just tired of being overworked.. and I've been brooding at my life progress.. and no this post isn't going to turn into a #whatineedtochangefor2010 post (sorry for the twitter lingo lol).

I just want my (few) blog fans to know that I appreciate the support but the sporadic posting will continue until I get some order in my life.

& yall know cappys need order and structure so i will right this ship soon :)

Nay to the Redskins and Wizards= DC sports slum..

Lets see what else going in my life .. oh yeah read this good book (also bought 2 copies as gifts)
Like me and the bff obsess over her style and i swoon even more know that i know Mrs. O is tall (5'10+) like myself i notice she keeps to the min heels (she <3 Choos lol) .. which is cool I hate towering over everyone. The book does a great job of giving background history on some of Michelle outfit choices. Personally I will continue to acknowledge her as the diva but I need to mimic her moves in terms of education and business saavy as well. Went to the Kennedy Center few weeks back free ticket with coworker went to see Handel Messiah. I'm pretty cultured but I had no idea what to expect for this show lol was a lil nervous. Def cool a mix of opera, choir & orchestra lol
*cam phone pic *

Attended the 31st Logan Circle House Tour- pics
I have a new love for fireplaces and of course my folks living in NW are living large- a mix of traditional row homes & modern condos in the photos- enjoy!

Loggin off gonna make my way to church tonight.. bring my 2010 in prayfully with the Lord.
Yall be safe & easy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

here and there...

sorry I haven't been in the bloggin mood lately.. yes twitter has stolen my heart but i also have alot on my mind.. i hope to end the year on a good note.. not that my life is bad.. I'm very blessed to be employed and with a home but i guess as I head towards 28 (23 days left lol) i've hit the panic button as far as the progress I'm making...

anyway good news DEC always a great month and my girl Mary J Blige has a new release schedule 22 DEC

Black Friday was fun...scored a Michal Kors bag $50 from $328 LOL 40% on top off the fact bag was marked down to 89 due to broken inside zipper (who cares)

also started a detox..haven't done one in a while.. still holding down my vegetarians (no meat/seafood) and 80% vegan (no dairy) i will eat slice of cake now & then LOL

ok...back to work