Tuesday, June 26, 2007

finally finishing M-->A Recap

no need for the apologies, lets pretend I never went away..lets resume this blog/reader relationship without involving the law..seriously I gotta get my time management together because I missed sharing my thoughts/life with the world but alas the lets get right to the blogging:

1. Job Situation-Here's the last mini-recap. The current situation is I'm working with lets call this company U-sys on the TRICARE project w/ Defense. I called this job the dream job because it was targeted for mid-career persons who wished to receive on the job mentoring to move into senior leval work, they also talked about traveling around to do security assessments at different sites (still w/ the D-dept)..I've learned alot but I've haven't been able to apply that knowledge hell no. First they treating me like a IT newbie, I'm like son I've been doing this 5 years so that's a strike. Then its been a big mix up they hired me to do some Quality Assurance crap which is basically document review(boring) when I'm used to more hands on.. not to mention QA people don't travel- no thrills at all. So my boss knows im not happy hopefully changes will come (ain't know trusting the MAN).. The jobs been sour grapes they stuck me sitting in the old secretary desk.. performing crap like copying, signing for packages..and more crap I don't even want to think about.. Its hard because I'm being paid well but on the same hand I'm 25 driven and motivated and well equipped to handle more duties so this is more motivation for me to get my CISSP which will grant me automatic respect in the industry so I won't have to deal w/ bull 'ish situations like this. The job taken a toll on me emotional because I had such high expectations that were crushed in addition to feeling like a college intern w/ this work they been assigning to me so I've been praying alot which has lifted my mood because the first few weeks I was down down down.. sad but there's no where to go but Up after this!

2. CISSP Class- Man...class is done no more driving to Neptune aka Reston, VA... the class turned out to be good worth the $250 tag.. I have to continue to work on studying for the exam once class is done because IC2 (organization that owns the exam has amped up the requirements to make a person have more years in the game before they can get the cert) so i gotta be on IT! At least now will make my Cert even more prestigious since they are making it harder for just anyone to get it. One good thing about U-sys is they will pay for me to go to boot camp (2000$ value and the exam $500 value).

3. Mary J. Blige concert- Guess I can start my countdown soon.. if you haven't heard b/c it surely was NOT advertised luckily I have friends that know of my love for Mary, so they alert me for every function, video, show etc She's doing a show at the Richmond Coliseum 17 July on a Tuesday LOL.. you know I'm off my half day status at work.. but its been hard finding someone to go with me but regardless I'm in there off my FLOOR seats..

4. Julie Dexter- Tonight I'm going to her show and please if you never heard of this song bird check out her site www.Juliedexter.com. She's a neo-soul jazzy blend so I'll post my concert review tomorrow ( I promise)! The show is D.C Blues Alley club on Wisconsin ave, basically Georgetown $25 8pm and 10pm show.. if you want to slide through.

5. Miscellaneous- FYI I'm still doing my vegetarian thing, mind you its been a struggle with all the cookout fumes wafting through the hood but I'm holding my own and enjoying my meals!

I joined my local community gym which been great; been lifting weights (lightly), swimming trying to continue to get in shape, loose weight, be healthy!

No new major purchases to report LOL although my PC did crash( another reason why I wasn't able to blog) So I had to cop a used joint at the best used PC store in the area (PC RETRO).. took some of the old pieces from my old machine into the new one. Plan on getting a 250GB drive to back up my massive mp3 collection but that's in the future I'm actually focusing on saving a lil money and paying down my bills.. but my summer purchase list is still there in the background waiting... guess I'll go back to work now they pressing me about going to Reston (aka Neputune) for some training 'ish !!!!!!!!!! But here's the hot fashion item to take us out

Coach Cashmere Shirt
- Vicious but not for $298