Saturday, July 28, 2012

lean green cap-machine!

hello world!

finally finally got around to posting a blog update tonight I'm going to make this post focused on the nutritional journey I've been on but some hot topics in my head which I'm hoping to get to later:
-Android phones - Great OS however very decoupled too may versions out there
-Gardening - so i've killed like 3 sets of plants and my seeds never bloomed :(
-Life in DC - still o so wonderful!
-Social Media - 4sq (retired), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook..o my! - Information overload!!
-Book Reviews- I've read about half the advernture/fantasy series Redwall, been into sci-fi tech novels, reviewed my Kindle DX to take advantage of Amazon Lending library. Sidebar: = my favorite site in the whole wide world!
- I'm not shopping - LOL calming down but I have a story involving wasting money on Tory Burch!!
-Experimenting with green energy powders

Of course my life is still very much centered around work! keeps me busy and information security still an exciting field with many many problems to solve...

So my last post was 26 Jan and I was down about 15+.. well since I started getting into shape late summer/fall of 2011 I've lost a grand total of ............. 40 LBS! YAY I'm back to my highschool graduation weight and it feels great. Honestly my coworkers were a huggeee inspiration as they came in just about every day discussion their work out/classes/marathons etc.. I always did the biking thing but once I settled into DC life sold my car pretty much my bike and my feet become my modes of transportation LOL.  Besides biking on weekends and afterwork (weather permitting) I'm lucky my bldg has a pretty good gym downstairs. So I slowly but surely focused on cardio on weights and gradually saw results. I still suffer with headaches and bad posture issues so the weight training is recommended by my DR & Chiropractor.  Currently even with my weight down still struggle with neck/back pain :( I"m hoping to get back into Yoga as there a cool studio across the street from my bldg. Although my job works me to death I have to be thankful of the $500 annual subsidy we get towards health/nutriton- I was able to snag a few things to help me stay aware of my fitness goals.

A very cool pedometer. Tracks my steps, flights walks, calories burned and it can even monitor sleep activity.

 Vega/ Brandon Brazier
I had this book as a pdf initially which I read twice on my tablet every single time learning more about how a vegan diet fuels my body as I live from day to day and more so how to prepare food based on my workouts. This book is SOO informative and great read.. I noticed once I stepped up my training I would be SOO tired not sore but physically exhausted. This book is helping me with the recovery process as its way more than just taking a protein shake after working out.

The entire Vega line of products are awesome! Expensive LOL but rocking! The Vega all in 1 has me cheating on my green smoothies as I throw some into a shake bottle for breakfast and go! I've been drinking other green powders like barley/alfalfa/wheat grass energy blends and I will post review soon.

This segueys me into my last comments as I need to go to bed lol! I got some samples from the vicious company called Health Force Naturals. The reason behind this purchase is I'm alway slooking to save money and make my own products as the Whole Foods/organic market can kill the pockets. I've made some fluke energy bars in the past but this time I want to mix some of these powders into almond butter along with other nutrious supplments like sunflower/pumpkin seeds, cranberryies/goji berries etc healthy lil pick me ups...

Anyway here is a list of the samples recieved and I'm quietly nervous trying these out indiviually before throwing them into my bar.. some ppl have posted that it can cause extreme detoxing before your body get used to it but in the ends provides great energy!

Vitamineral Green™
Vitamineral GreenVital Healing Food™. The original, purist, hard-core nutrition-dense green superfood complex with green leafy vegetables, hard-core algaes, sea vegetables, enzymes and probiotics. Nutritionally supports detoxification, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, circulation, digestion, and more. Therapeutic support with nutrient-dense superfoods.

MacaForce™ MacaForce Maca PowderEnhanced with enzymes, probiotics, and herbal synergists, MacaForce™ is raw maca at its best, delivering maximum bioavailability for maximum results. Supports endurance, strength, and hormone balance for men and women. MacaForce™ is available in Dark Mint and Vanilla Spice. 
 Spirulina Manna™/Spirulina Azteca™ 
Spirulina MannaThe ancients' revered power foods. Spirulina is a complete food packed with amino acids (65% protein), chlorophyll, B vitamins, vitamins, and minerals. Spirulina is possibly the most nutrient dense, and certainly the most ancient superfood on the planet. Nutritionally supports kidneys, brain function, detoxification, and is nature's protein powder.

 Again folks I'm hoping I can be more consistent with my posts..alot to save appreciate my readers..Peace!!