Friday, July 24, 2015


So I'm a tech slut lol in love with my iPad mini. The mini beat out everything my [now old but still functioning] iPad 3rd generation aka the new iPad aka the first iPad with retina screen ... I can't keep up with iPad names. Anywhoo my only beef with my iPads was writing on the screen. 

In the archives were my android devices Samsung Galaxy note phone and pro 12.2 tablet... I loved them because of the writing on the screen. However the android life, apps were designed different or not available on android yadda yadda. Given I'm on a digital declutter kick I said let me try one more time to find a way to write to enjoy writing on my apple devices.  
Ok tried the Jot stylus ugh wack that whole tiny glass disc tapping on the screen nope

The winner paper53 stylus. Omg it feels like old school thick pencil. When I'm scribbling in the app the top of the "pencil" is and "eraser" it's fabulous. 
Once my heart and mind agreed this stylus was the one. Galaxy note pro sold on eBay