Thursday, June 9, 2011

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what up peeps...bloggin live from the new home.. still renting but moved to Washington DC. Finally moved after talking about it for years.. #1 commute has been very draining.. working in VA - 9 yrs strong

I've finally stepped into cool phone land and divorced Verizon in the process..
newly minted sprint customer w/ an Android Device - Evo Shift - couldn't let go of my keyboard but other than me being a anti-touch screen chick and the nuances that come with it.. the phone is pretty vicious. The android app store def lacks the hollywood apps of Apple but is still very comparable in inventory.

Right now I have the Evo Shift, and 2 BB for work - one including the BB torch.

Today's post is a rant on RIM..inspired by these article in WAPO -"For federal workers, BlackBerry slips as device of choice" & Federal government loosens its grip on the BlackBerry

First let me highlight some other articles who are on the same page of me:

PlayBlackBerry bruised by rivals

4 ways for BlackBerry to stay alive

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvveee my blackberry no doubt.. it gets the job DONE no bells & whistles. BEST EMAIL MGMT EVER!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BBM - though my buddy list is dwindling BUT my first choice of messaging through & through.

I guess im becoming a late apple fan girl not for the cool gadgets but one of my favorites magazines Fortune is exposing me the BUSINESS side of the world - (super weakness for a g33ky gal like myself and being exposed even further working at "big4" /end rant) but you have to admire whats under the hood at a company that was hot in 80s.. cool in 90s and than took off..
respect to Jobs + his mgmt style.

I got caught up w/ the cool app life with my ipod touch..all still while loving my blackberry but I knew times were changing one morning the alarm on the BB was going OFF.. and I'm pressing the screen like mad only to realize hello.. no touch screen LOL!

So that brought me to a point in which I knew after my move I was going to switch my personal phone to Android...I like Iphone but the lack of physical keyboard was a deal-breaker PLUS too redundant to my Itouch.

Sprint had a special $125 credit for switching over.. said good-bye Verizon. That's another future Rant.. I never truly minded paying for the expensive service of VZW however in the last 1 yr myself and one of my homegirls admitted service has not been so peachy aka most dropped calls ever in span of being customer for almost 10 yrs. Given the 3/4G and stability of the other wireless carriers and for the most part I frequent metropolitan areas with good service - I could risk leaving VZW. #1 I was astounded that for 60$ I get unlimited everything .. like I had to keep asking the customer service representative how much was the data? the txt package? She kept reminding me 60$ = all in one LOL

So far given my new bldg cell coverage sucks in general.. I can see where Verizon outside is better.. but Sprint inside works in places I would never get VZW service. Big minus I miss being able to have pretty decent reception in metro- Sprint = total fail.

Ok ok back to my RIM rant-
pretty much RIM is the mobile MS, meaning you had the game on lock but dude check the rear view- your company is flailing..
-OS6 sucked.. like I cannot stand that wack frequent/all/favorite menu system- the thought process was there delivery not so smooth
+Webbrowser is improved but not the true to PC exp like one gets on safari or android
-App store- how about me and paypal aren't in a relationship anymore.. well no paypal = no appstore acess AT ALL- blew me to the worlds end!
+BB Torch very solid much better blend of touch & traditional than Storm

I don't have to keep nitpicking but bottomline RIM just released another weak product (BB Playbook) just google the review..I think it may have more software now but I know it shipped with no email or browser access //like wtf//

Rim needs to realize they need to OVERHAUL their OS or keep faith in this QNX acquisition. I'm no SME but basically QNX is an emulator and RIM has been selling the fact android software can work on the Playbook via that's cool to have BBM/BB stuff & cool droid apps but that's admitting some defeat by deferring to another OS granted its somewhat embedded - not the strongest move.

What will kill Rim and seriously I see you Jobs.. I get it.. have everyone embrace your gadgets & computing devices.. rock with your own OS (iOS) your own internal services (mobile me)..shake, stir and ascend to the next level. As announced at WWDC apple has merged a whole mix of things and embraced the cloud (gag- me not a fan of cloud computing- another post).. recap below (wapo)

As one of the core new features highlighted today in iOS 5, iMessages has one purpose: to kill SMS. That is, traditional carrier-controlled text messages. iMessages will do this by replacing SMS with a service that Apple is in control of across all of their iOS devices. And here’s the real death blow: iMessages will be completely free.

Sure, you can argue that iMessages is limited due to the iOS requirement. But as Apple announced today, there are over 200 million iOS devices out there now. That’s a lot. Like Blackberry Messenger before it, Apple now has the strength to create their own device-to-device messaging application. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. And considering what a colossal rip-off SMS is, I can’t help but love this move. It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for

"iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your device. It automatically uploads it, stores it, and pushes it to all your devices." And by "automatically," he means it: in addition to every day content, such as purchased music, iBooks, photos and videos, device settings, and app data that will be automatically backed up over WiFi, Documents in the Cloud will effortlessly sync Pages, Numbers, and Keynote data between all of your iOS devices.

I'd def would embrace and hopefully SOON will embrace once I get an beef w/ cloud -C is.. it is what you put into it.. don't be mad if your world is stolen by hackers but for a person who knows what to keep on-line I have no beef w/ trying this new apple services and trust if you had a Macbook, Ipad, Iphone.. this will make your life simpler and people are gonna eat it up and Apple will get more business. Trust that i-messenger .. What do I need a blackerry for again?

Other than email and honestly Microsoft (wake up) should try making their new win 7 phones use the power of outlook to gain corporate email shares over RIM. Again I can only speak with a DoD voice.. and given the Ipad STIG was pulled LOL.. idk when or how we can say yes to iphone/tablets/android etc on sensitive networks. Trust right now one of my systems is mobile project the old school win phones - like security holes out the wazoo but we are stuck with using it bc - no "approved" DoD replacement.. but that's a rant on security in form of checkboxes (yet another future blog post)

anyway enufff ranting.. let me get to some fun stuff in my life than I must try get rest.

my move: woot! I never knew why but when I was 14 about the time my mom shot down my dreams with the whole I'm not paying for Howard University.. the ONLY time I give my mother full credit.. sorry HU peeps UMCP >>> HU (costs less & degree just as good if not better) heheh
but I faked, got cold feet.. at the end of the day I'm a small town country girl DC seemed overwhelming & expensive. But seriously the move has been great so far.. I'm broke as heck lol paying this fake Manhattan rent but the goal was to improve the work/life balance.

other stuff:
like people think IT folks be on the ish.. i know i be tired.. like the PCs in my home aren't fly flashy.. seriously they are patchwork jobs overloaded w/ RAM. I bring this up bc I went to my main site to search. I swore I had posted about my basil plant.. wholetime - why do I NOT have a search button on my blog - LMAO - terrible. My blog is stuck in the 90s LMAO! Imma try peeps to upgrade to wordpress & migrate to my own domain- maybe by end of summer or 2011- meanwhile I'll try make some cosmetic upgrades to "blogspot"

new obsession :Keriug Kcups machine- supply of the energy for this post. Blame QVC & 3 easy payments LOL.. its a nice machine w/ a huge variety of refills plus at the end of the day.. anything that takes away the urge to spend 5$+ at Starbucks = FTW


forgive me I believe the plant before & after growth pics are in the old BB - sorry.. all I have is the harvesting of the plant..not gonna fake it was SCARY to say like ok I can pluck this and throw it into my food LMAO.. but after much research apparently that's what you do.
So I ripped up 3 leaves tossed into this marinade I was making - fresh lemon juice, ginger, garlic & red wine vinny- WOW like it taste so Italian-y lol meaning that fresh basil made it POP.. delish. Next plants I want to grow : thyme, mint

bedtime peeps