Thursday, July 26, 2007

this is my day of kirkin out

on corporate Instant messenger- I guess IM is a tool mainly used and accepted by 30 and over because I find my older co-workers just don't get the concept of IM (short message) as in don't send me a email with 1 line of text= an IM message. then when you go to confront them bout they say "ooh I hate IM its annoying messages popping up" so you rather waste precious email space to send me a stupid one-line email. Seriously I'd rather get a phone call then an email with 1 line of text.. those make me KIRK OUT!

on subway refusing to serve me pizza- The hell' only in VA would some crap like this gonna happen. If you didn't know already subway serves pizza that quite tasty actually. I only had it once and I went in there often and they would always tell me no pizza today. So I'm like dag are people buying out their whole stash? Found out the truth when i got carried. Apparently they only serve pizza before 10am and after 2pm! I was mad at that BS, and I really got heated when I was buying Subway breakfast one morning, only to have to wait in line because bammas were ordering full sandwiches. So I'm thinking yall need to restrict that crap since yall wanna be Pizza Natzi's. Chicken/turkey/ham/tuna whatever sandwiches should be served after 10am.. Be fair about it!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

living in an age of information overload

and I jus' wanna scream! Btw, email, RSS feeds, text messages, general web surfing, newspapers, magazines, Itunes/music downloads... I'm going insane I can't accomplish nothing with all these distractions around which isn't an excuse for my procrastination but seriously I'm so glad I got out of college when I did because btw stuff like myspace etc I would not have graduated. The only distractions back then (99-2003) was napster and AOL IM.. other than that nobody was really big on the cellys... just walked to see other people in the dorm. But now OMG I can be looking up a term on wikipedia and bam whole hour gone because a link has carried me to another link.. and so on... at least I know I'm not alone in this world, been check out websites/blogs like lifehacker that give tips for one to help organize their life and regain their time while being productive so I'm researching a technique that I think will work for me because I'm just going crazy when a sista's got things to do!

Mary J Blige concert recap- Concert was this past Tuesday in Richmond Colliesium, VA. Jive random but you know as a fan I had to go.. i wasn't too crazy siced felt suspicious about this venue and my intution was right. Now I've seen Mary in a rack of places- MCI Center, Constitution Hall, VA Beach Amphitheater and the amphitheater show rocked the most, like no bull the whole Breakthrough concert was the best EVER so I knew this Richmond show wasn't going to top that. My seats were good Floor but this Coliseum' just slummed, joint was echoey, the graphic screen was messed up and pixelated but my cappy sista sung through it all. A chill show followed the same format as B-Through tour (Came out to Hate it or Love it, went into what's the 411, my life etc). I enjoyed seeing the Queen but 2 thumbs down to the venue.

Late, super mad-late Julie Dexter Review-
One damn Blues Alley in Georgetown- you will always leave with an expensive bill, yes the food is good but they have some system where you have to order minimum of 10$ of stuff and their menu is pricey + $25 for the ticket and I bought a cd for Julie to sign $15 my night was about $70 good thing was no parking.. got a meter spot. But most of ya'll like who is Julie Dexter- She is neo-soul/jazzy artist from England but lives in USA now. She cut her locs much to my demise, when she was signing my cd I asked her why? She said no reason but she's growing her hair back out, lol wack but I told her I'm pattering my locs after hers!! Very smooth songtress.. all i can say is visit her website to hear her tunes and support her! Her show was short and sweet, surprised me by signing the one song I wanted to hear "A place for us". I went off the solo and met a couple of folks there too (off the solo) so we all vibed which was great I don't know why ppl so scared to go out alone I'm like if there's a event I want to hit and my friends are faking or not feeling it shoot Imma go can't miss out just because other's aren't into the movement!! The only other funny thing to report was her keyboard player homegirl was killing the keys but she had us rolling because during each song she would grab the sheet music and study it hard then play, youngin had to be new to the band LOL.

Goodman League Recap-
DC Urea folks might saw lil Fox 5 recap Friday night (dem bammas be everywhere LOL) but couple of my homeboys had been frying me for not coming to check out the b-ball games since I call myself a basketball fan. Truth is I"m not a huge streetball fan but ball is ball so I came out Friday to see Goodman Stars vs AnD1. Perfect time for my goodman debut I knew a lil bout the And1 stars: professor etc from ESPN but it was good game real close for a min and AND1 pulled away for the victory. Hotsauce was there but apparently he comes w/AND1 all the time but never suits up so he got fried by the audience lol.. just call that bamma sauce or Tarter sauce until he suits up (don't know why he was faking!)
Some quick history on the Goodman its takes place in SE (Barry Farms) right off Suitland Parkway chill atmosphere w/ all the usual chill black folks activities going on lol.. vendors with some cranking food man I missed out on getting fish sandwich but my plate of greens and baked beans was HITTING! The dude running the show "Miles" like he said on Fox5 games are good for the community and the city I agree 100% I'll be back again before the summer is over!

I had to be off my Fedex mode (aka going postal) at my job few weeks ago I was fed up being their modern day slave/secretary. So the boss above my boss talked to me and my boss and one allowed me to move into my own office which will give me peace of mind and two they are going to work actively to move me into a security analyst position instead of this horrible QA aka document review job. QA sux balls like I got 4 docs that i'm reviewing one is over 100 pages I just cannot read this 'ish.. yes i have an english degree but I'm nobody's copyright editor *screaming*.. but I"m chill for now Finally got my corporate AMEX card which means I charged my CISSP Boot camp and test so no faking forreal I gotta step my GAME UP.. and prepare so I can past this test on the 1st try because I don't want to come up out of pocket $500 to retake it. I go away (fake away.. lol will be in Dulles) 19 Aug-25 the company I'm using recommends studying 25hours before coming to camp so I have just a lil under a month to make that happen...motivation=respect in my industry and of course more $$

Tawnee Convo
I got a boost of motivation this evening.. running into an old friend from college. She is doing it way big from a writers stand point and teaching etc! we were vibing about being a writer and finding motivation to keep at it and share with the world. I enjoy having convos with establish folks because I need all the remedies in the world to help cure me of my shyness so I can be a better poet and stop being so scared to read my stuff to the people. One she encouraged me to write daily whether it be a journal(blog), poem, fiction just to keep the dream pumpin and also as a way to get stuff of your chest. As yall can see from my erratic blog posts, the daily thing ain't working nor does having a paper journal but I gotta keep at it so I can improve my writing skills. She also suggested I video tape myself reading poems so I can get comfortable with my facial expressions, delivery which I may do because a lady at work wants me to read a poem of empowerment/inspiration for the sisters at her b-day party (end of Aug) and I have to ready w/o being nervous-No choice in the matter and these grown 40+ women here man the pressure is on. I just pray for God to help me to improve which I know will come in time he didn't bless me with the ability to write poems for them to go to waste just staying in my notebooks!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Couple of annoucements before I go to bed

Today is Tai Shan's b-day he's 2 and look how's big he's grown!! We can't call him butterstick anymore him a big boy now!!!

One more quick annoucment before I go to sleep and FYI the insomnia is cured!

This is the best website (well #2 in my book after The Purse Forum -
Welcome to The Purse Forum, the web's #1 community for handbag lovers and shoulder fashion fetishists!

Over 56,000 members have contributed over 3,000,000 articles in 136,000+ threads about the hottest 'it' bags of the seasons, they've evaluated eBay sellers and other online stores and discussed thousands of other topics...

My girl just put me on this site earlier today and was SCIN it but I didn't have much time to check it out so i was like let me peep this real quick before I turn in. Its like I've found a new cyber-home. There are other people on earth who share my love of handbags.
Its already written I'm registering tomorrow and dedicated my whole day to this site. Here are some of the features I peeped on the low:
-bag meet and greets
-bag spottings w/ pics
-style / color guides
Like this site is CRUCIAL.. i can't even step to these bammas like these ladies have spent big bread on high fashion bags but I have to thank GOD for this site its a blessing for an addict like myself!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

have insomnia

honestly i haven't sleep right since I got my tooth extracted last friday.. but its healing no more pain..whats the root cause of this problem!!! beats me but im quite frustrated that I woke up early on my day off (4th of July) Last night I went to bed at 4am.. woke up 6 for work.. I don't know how I made it all day, although im sure that 1st stop to Starbucks helped but im cranky.. im used to sleeping 8-10 hours on non work days and that's not happening. So this evening I'm trying au natural methods to get this body to ZzZZ made some tea w/ hops, Valerian root 2 herbs.. that are supposed to help the body naturally fall asleep although im sure if i had some other herbs.. sleep wouldn't be a problem hehehehe...anyway on top of that took a shower w/ some Bath and Body works aromatherapy Sandlewood which is supposed to promote relaxation.. so Im bout eat dinner (steamed veggies) and hope that induces "itis" plus I have some Body shop aromatherapy sleep spray that I'm going to spray on my pillow (It's not a game folks I'm TIRED).. anyway im off praying hoping something makes me sleepy otherwise I"m going ala sleeping pill route tomorrow!!
I'll be back with another blog Lata I know i still owe Julie Dexter concert review post