Thursday, January 26, 2012

dusting these html pages off

what up fam!
omg...i'm so past due (like that's nothing new) on my blog entries; I have SOO much to talk about. For now since I have milliseconds of downtown let me just rock a freethought entry
I'm teleworking about to head into the office soon.
Enjoying a healthy breakfast. I've been on a whole grain kick as I realized that was lacking in my diet. I made Bob's Red Mill 6 Grain Hot Cereal with Flaxseed contains stone ground wheat, rye, corn, oats, spelt, Kamut® and flaxseed. I cook it with almond milk & add coconut & cinnamon - yumm-O!

Other than work I've been focusing on my health and utilizing the heck out of my bldg gym. I'm down about 15+lbs so far and inching closer to my 1st goal or reaching my high school weight.
I told myself that if I can eat a strict vegan diet and not work out - whats the point? might as well go back to eating meat. Now I see results from the marriage of good nutrition + exercise.

As a HUGE fan of android I"m very sad reading about google's change to the privacy policy. Its very scary and I'm upset to the point that I thinking about moving to the dreaded Iphone/Ipad combo.. hence I don't believe apple not looking at my data but at least they aren't a major hub of search engine data.

well my 5 mins are up and I must go.. more to come lata (me hope) :\