Saturday, June 5, 2010

whats going on with me right now

hey yall
been a couple months no bloggin :(

let me say #1 .. (ironically) lol WIZARDSSS John Wall!
OMG I was so geeked on lottery nite.. tweeting with my folks making jokes.. yall know the Wizards luck horrible so when we went past the top 5 woo Nervous wreck out here lol. Next thing I know boom we in the top 3 with NJ & Philly yo! when NJ fell to #3 kirk out mode! mann they called the 76ers I was done! As a hardcore Wizards fan such a glorious day and with the new owner Ted I think we can truly belive we are official rebuilding hopefully the right way much thanks to RIP Abe Polling I'm sure this pick is a gift from him above

oh yall know my #2 team- LAKERS yes a fan since 2002 we back in the finals.. yes yes yall on the way to a repeat bet that! My fav player is Fischer he such a man of high character and really steps it up on the court & leadership wise during the playoffs- respect!

Still happy at my job lol the consultant life is so weird like but I' m getting used to it and I do like feeling more connected to my company like this firm has alot of resources and constantly holding events to keep us informed its good to be able to leave work and hit events without being penalized so that's the big + of the consultant lifestyle oh and I got a cool phone LOL was so on the edge of getting an Iphone as work phone just to be "cool" but I can't stand all touch devices so I went with a wack HTC Pro 2 its just OK I didn't want to have 2 Blackberries :(

Excited in Aug ill be going to see Rhianna in VA at the old Nissan Pavilion it was renamed recently forgot the new name lol.

other than that nothing new going on..ill check back in lata