Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vegetarian-ism day 5

feeling good, feeling great- Outkast

today i was feeling like I neeed sustenance from MEAT, so i bailed out buying a fish sandwich from Crapdonalds today I treated myself to Atlanta Bread Company half a soup/sandwich combo. Again this is why I've chilled out on eating out that lil meal cost 6bucks, although the tunasald was banging!!

Once i get through a week hopefully the tension will ease up some..
I'm trying to fill the void and get extra protein by eating snack/energy/nutrition bars:
I ate these sparingly in the past, only because man these joints are so expensive in the markets like 1 bar is almost 2 dollars but here's a quick and dirty review of the bars I've tried:

1. The best- Cranberry Organic Food Bar-
this whole product line rocks.. They are raw pressed (meaning not baked or cooked) only made w/ organic foods, no added sugar and the taste is amazing!! Plus you do feel pretty vibrant after consuming one. *not to be considered a meal replacement bar*-

2. Highly Addicting Slim Fast Bar- Chocolate Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch:
We all know the stigma behind slim fast bars but seriously, they have alot of vitamins and minerals packed into the bars that taste so good. The new ones have alot less sugar and are constructed to allow you to go in between meal longer. I usually eat one for breakfast and have my lunch later in the day or I'll eat one in the afternoon noon and eat my dinner later than usual. my only grip is a box is pricey but I'm looking at Ebay to solve that for me. I don't do the whole slim fast line so I can't comment and say I lost 10 lbs in a week due to the slim fast diet LOL.

3. Power Bar-
Tried this tonight after my work out was hungry and I wanted some extra energy to clean up the apt and get ready for morning. Did not like this one, tasted too much of the chocolate and it had a a grainy textured feeling. Plus I didn't really feel any extra boost but I see it says take before the workout so maybe I screwed up ....

4. Balance Bar-
Tried this at work one morning since our lil cafe was sold out of Slimfast bars.. was surprisingly good not real chocolaty (hate that) and the peanut butter flavoring masked all the vitas and minerals that supposed to be back into each bar.. gave me a good continuous flow of energy until I got to lunch. I bought another one at Giant tonight so I'm going to try it again to see if I will keep this in rotation.

5. CLIF Bar-Builders Peanut-
Bought this tonight at Giant because it was on sale and because I love peanut butter bars LOL.. +1 being its all natural -1 I think its for body builders LOL.. but the extra protein is supposed to get the person energy and that's all I"m looking to get out of this bar. Gonna this try this one later on the week will repost a report.

Well I know I"m going to order a box of the organic bars and the slim fast bars online.. good prices but I would like to have one more brand in my rotation just because in the future I want to rely on having an energy bar as a daily snack while I'm on this transition to becoming a vegetarian.
but i have to go now.. all the clocks in the house are wrong and I need to get some order before I'm an hour late/early to work tomorrow

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