Monday, March 5, 2007

i owe the world a blog and some.. shameless yelling about me not bloggin more consistently i know i need to get better.

First and foremost- my god son finally came out the night I was at the wizards game 22Feb but we got a win and I have a godson! He's a big boi 8lbs and growing!! I'm so happy like I can only imagine the joy and celestial feelings when you have your own children cuz right now I'm on cloud 9 when it comes to this lil boy!!

Job update: Well my boss fixed the contract issues so I've been employed past 28 Feb. I'm still not happy though because basically my program office our system is coming to the end of its lifecycle and everyone's trying to get the new replacement system off the ground and yall know how defense does it:
1. Dream a big vision (We want software that will allow us to talk underwater and blow rainbow bubbles to the enemy, while working on using solar power AND comes in the camouflage color only ) 2. Make a big fuss in the news about how this new system will revolutionize how defense does business 3. Plan a HUGE, GIGANTIC budget for this project. 4. Award to big name contractor 5. Periodically appear in the news with status 6. (one year later) Announce the project is running a bit behind schedule but will be completed 7. (another year later) Announce the project is still behind schedule and will need more budget for completion. 8. Congress gives them extra dough 9a. Give contract to another firm to screw up 9b. throw the blame on someone/thing on why project is late 10a. Go back to step 4 and repeat until someone realizes this was unrealistic project (from the beginning) and cans it or they actually produce something that's buggy and then can it... LMAO this was DRAMATIC spin but basically my agency is trying to work so hard to get the new replacement system up and running so our program office is decrepit and neglected. So i'm seeking a new job one for better job stability and to work somewhere meaning where I can learn more etc.
But given that I have a job that allows me to be more selective. I turned down one job in the same bldg last week b/c the salary wasn't enough to counteract the fact their company doesn't reimburse for school/training- No GOOD! This project w/ the census bureau I got selected for but it has been dragging and I don't know if I would accept it because I don't want to work for a civilian agency and two its in Suitland which is a hour train ride, I have actually quick sickly gotten used to working in VA
The funny thing is today I got a call from the same peeps I turned the job down, telling me they found a way to pay me more..i would be doing the work for another firm (w/o going into long details the contractor world is so wild) so that's cool this company actually has better benefits so I may take if this opportunity I interview for on Friday doesn't work out.
The friday joint is wild too basically I had an interview set up last friday but they(recruiter firm) had to cancel it.. Get this because the job is w/ the same contracting company that wants me on the census project so I can only go through them and my existing contact. Its funny because 2 recruiter's have contacted me about the opportunity and i told them i can't interview because of the situation which makes no sense basically they are fighting over who will get a cut if i indeed get the position. So I finally tracked down my contact and was like I'm not feeling the census gig I want this other project in my bldg working on TRICARE (DoD Health IT system).. the job is hot because they want mid-level people who are willing to be groomed and mentored by senior staff to eventually work up to higher level projects. Not to many jobs out hea' want you to elevate so I'm really feeling this joint! The only and I hate to use the term downside is they require their new employee to obtain I.T Certification of either CISSP or Security+ within 6 months of coming on board... its a risk but im not to worried because of my next topic:

Class starts tomorrow: CISSP-Certified Information Systems Security Professional
12 Weeks of studying for this intense exam. 12 Weeks of driving out to the f-ing boondocks of VA (Fair Oaks Via-I66) afterwork in mostly irritating traffic. Our first session is tomorrow, and yes they are calling for snow.. which I hope comes before afternoon rushour cuz I'm not fighting to get way out there in inclement weather.. but I'll keep yall posted on how this goes...

My new hustle:
Well ya'll know I got the e-book reader and of course like mp3s there are ways to get ebooks too my plan was to get these printed via Kinkos etc but the flaw in the plan is kinkos cost a grip when some of these tech books are like over 300+ so I have to figure out which is better used book prices from amazon vs me finding some place to print my .pdfs out at a good rate.

New Spot for my naturalists:
I was in deep college park w/ my girl looking for this tatto shop. She wants to get something, I'm done for a minute. We found the shop but it was closed. It was a Vegan diner on the strip and this other house (turned into a store) called Smile Herb Shop. So I'm laughing like hmm what kind of herbs they selling that's gonna make you smile hahaha. We only went it because we saw another sista (not a e.badu type) going in.. this place was like the bombdotcom it was the Mecca of all natural shops.. they sold every kind of tea for any ailment, loose leaf tea.. herbs for cooking, insents, burning sage bundles for protecting the home.. candles, clothes, bookstore, vitamins/supplements, soap, jewlrey, oils.. it was 2 story victorian house turned out like a market. This was the type of shop like if you were on tv you would ask to buy something crazy like " the ear of a goblin" LMAO but i was joaning like crazy like you really probably could go there at night and find them selling 'ish out the back for making potions...but it was great experience I look forward to doing much business with them and again it was mad sisters in there which is good!

but im ending this meaty blog, gonna finish my washing and put my eyeball on the TV. My office got 50$ worth of mega-million tickets... it feels good to dream but if yall hear on the new local maryland girl shut down mall for shopping that's me and i probably wouldn't be bloggin until they let me out the crazy house

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