Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is this seattle or maryland?

Wow 1,2,3,4 days of rain, clouds and Coolness would been van-glorious if i was home in my bed, but I'm away in hell aka CISSP boot camp. I'm schedule to take the 6 hour exam on Saturday so although I've blogged constantly about how my job sucks I have to acknowledge the blessings of them sending me to this boot camp (value of $2495). I'm out here in a vicious hotel in VA (deep VA) nice lil' Marriott joint w/ a kitchen suite. The camp is crazy like 8 hours of pure lecture and test prep. I have 8 books, programs on the laptop to quiz me by.. it was grueling at first but surprisingly I'm no longer scoring 50% and below on these quizzes I've hit scores as high as the 80's.. i think the isolation is what I needed to get me to buckle down and study cuz back home it wasn't working. I've been using all types of alternative methods trying to get this information to sink in while away:
LOL it has ginkgo biloba and gotu kola which are two proven herbs that help w/ memory retention and brain functions, plus my folks will never forget the semester i took ginkgo all semester i actually got over a 3.0 GPA (only time too) so I don't know if its 4 real or a placebo but i'll take a chance hehe.

Other things in my life:


I'm 90% there mentally but when I got my hair done last week I told her twist me up to prepare for arriving into the door way of dreadlocs. So i'm still a lil scared at the idea of permanency but we'll see once we hit month one and the fuzz is over taking my scalp that when I'll need to be strong.

Got my first joint last Saturday was scared lol but it didn't hurt.

I didn't know these thing take a long time to heal as opposed to tattoos (6-12 weeks vs 2-3 weeks) The eventual goal is to get this type of piercing but i have to go back for the 2nd,3rd holes soon so that everything will heal close together for them to put in the spiral ring.

Party: My co-worker invited me to her 45th b-day party. I feel honored being invited being the youngin I am but it should be good, fun, NEW experience Grown women are WILD. The party is being held in a private spa and its organized well. She has a band coming to play background music for the guests, a spoke word poet is performing (I'm also getting on the mic for one poem *nervous*, b-day girl going to read once too), hand/line dancing, vendors and a movie. I guess I gotta stay for the whole thing but I don't know about that hand dancing crap LOL. The theme of the party is black women empowerment so it should be enlightening most unique type of b-day party I've been invited to (so far).

Well I gotta get back to studying

I got my NBA 07-08 season preview coming when I get back in town next week.. since I'll have my life back once i finish this exam look for more updates and I have to fix the HTML/CSS code on this page it has issues...

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ProfessorB said...

I wanted to be home on those cloudy and rainy days this week, too.