Monday, July 7, 2008

NBA Off-Season

Its NBA off season (most boring time of the year- nothings on TV for me to watch). Anyway our free agents Gil and Jamison have been resigned and the wiz have committed to over off the top of my head at least 118 million in salary for the next 4years+. I'm going to be frank I think they paid too much ( 4 years/ 50 mil) for Jamison he's 32. This is another reason why the NBA has gotten soft everyone gets big contracts just because. For example Ben Gordon, Loul Deng, Iggy, Omeka you guys are not max contract players- all of them turned down extensions looking for big cake; only Iggy went to play-offs. Now I'm not denying Jamison's talent (double double guy) but he should not be getting 10 mill per year at his age maybe 6-7 but I know he's key to the wiz locker room/leadership but hellooo the Wiz are going to be capped out and honestly I don't know if we are structured to get to the top of the eastern conference. Our draft picks have been a little weak and our MLE signing besides DeShawn and Daniels slum Haywood finally holding down the middle but we need a banger in the paint to give this team some toughness because we got the offense down pact but thats only ½ of the game. Its really going to come down to Abe going over the lux tax in the future because basically 'we ain't got much money now'. Its going to be challenging because most teams are working hard to get under the cap for 2010 when Bron James on the 03 crew become unrestricted free agents so players are going to gravitate to the team who got the money to pay them out of control contracts.
Strong leadership has to come from Gil, who I am a big fan of and he's great icon for Wiz basketball but he has to chill with the wild predictions step up more, play some defense and do all the things the highest paid player on the team should. Most people don't realize Gil is not a captain on the team (not decided for the upcoming season) but it has always been Caron and Antwan. I am hella leery of his big contract due to that knee but I knew he had to be retained I just hope we don't have Allan Houston situation or worse. Max Contracts are a luxury not an automatic privilege.
Let me analyze who making the big dollars in the NBA (07-08) and are they worthy of the cake!

1. Kevin Garnett Boston - Won a championship so I won't fry him

2. Stephon Marbury New York- LMAO!
-. Allen Iverson Denver- Won't be winning a ring.

4. Jason Kidd Dallas- Worth it sad never won a ring (yet), still hope.

5. Jermaine O'Neal Indiana- Maybe will ressurect career in Tornoto (traded) went downhill after the Palace Brawl

6. Kobe Bryant LA Lakers- LA Fan here wants ring 09 but worth the salary.

7. Tracy McGrady Houston- Bamma who can't get out the 1st round can fry on the court not worth the money!!

8. Tim Duncan San Antonio - Not a spurs fan but he's worth it.

9. Shaquille O'Neal Phoenix- Payment for getting MI a ring can't aruge with 4x champion.

10. Steve Francis Portland / Houston -LMAO! WTF is he still in the leaque?

11. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas- Soft bamma!!
-. Paul Pierce Boston- was never a PP fan respect for dealing with the loosing in Boston and getting his ring this year.
-. Shawn Marion Phoenix- Complains too much can ball.

14. Ray Allen Boston- Getting old gets a pass for getting ring this year

15. Rashard Lewis Orlando- In the future will be at the top of this list, hence the most overpaid bamma as of late.

16. Michael Redd Milwaukee- One dimensional.

17. Mike Bibby Atlanta- Fell off hard, hopefully he can get it together.

18. Andrei Kirilenko Utah- Not bad but Deron's the star now his next contract should not be a max joint.
-. Pau Gasol LA Lakers- Soft bamma hopefully Phil can help him.

20. Yao Ming Houston- Bomb center when not hurt (when's that?)
-. Amare Stoudemire Phoenix- Gets pts/rbd not sold on his attitude yet.

22. Zach Randolph New York- Get his 20/10.

23. Lamar Odom LA Lakers- Better enjoy the last year of the big money Lamar better step up so LA can be champions 09.

24. Ben Wallace Cleveland- Chicago dumb mistake.

25. Chris Bosh Toronto- Forgetten star out TO.
-. Dwyane Wade Miami- Better bring it this year but has ring (respect)
-. Carmelo Anthony Denver- Needs to figure out a way to get out the first round before he becomes TMAC pt 2.
-. LeBron James Cleveland- Should be at the top of this list!

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