Thursday, January 8, 2009

welcome 2009

I don't really have much to say but wanted to check in..
sitting here listening to trance mix... working on my side hustle aka fixin broken pcs. It amazes how people are still negligent when it comes to going on-line. My cuzzo PC is over here she talking about she clicked some banner ads that said her pc needed to be scanned now she got porno icons all over the desktop. All I can say is more job security and $$ for moi because like I tell my InfoSec peeps web and data protection is top priority as we move forward and our lives become more and more intergrated with the net.

I'm geek'n off how the city is gonna be shutdown come inauguration. I already told my boss don't look for me that day especially since they shutting down 395 how the hell am I supposed to get to VA. I will be home and only walking around my hood that day. My girl emailed me with a list of possible events to hit.. this is when US gonna realize (as if you didn't know already) DC is expensive and she off her rocker if she thinks I'm paying to get into anything.. I doubt there are too many free events poppin off next week. I got a college friend from NY coming down via ABC maybe that connect can get me into some action.. otherwise I"m not pressed. All I need to see is Obama get sworn in on TV.. copped some of the commerative Obama Smart trips for putting on eBay in 10 years lol

This weekend I'll be staying at the downtown Marriot going to L3 holiday gala (they late as hell with the party lol) probably slide down the infamous Park at 14th afterwards.. so I'll write on my expeirances and I already know Thursdays is "black night" but I can get down with any crowd as long as the music is cool. I have no outfit for these events and in dire need for knee boots.. I'm trying to chill hard on the shopping in 09 for reasons Ill get into later so we'll see hopefully Pentagon City can help me out tomorrow otherwise i'm short

Anyway let me go back to working!

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