Thursday, November 15, 2012

fustrated wizard fan

i love the NBA.. ALOT and i'm all about the home teams for DC (Redskins, Wizards & Nats) and my other team is the Lakers.. now while Lakers are having their own drama (Not a fan of the D'Antoni hire) I need to vent about my wizards

this next peice of info comes from:

Why can't we develop players?

Think about it. Who was the last player we drafted who blossomed into a quality starter in this league? Here's a list of our recent draft picks:

Beal - We don't know yet, but it's by no means a sure thing that he'll ever be a good starter.
Satoransky - Probably will never play in this league

Vesely - A bust. At best, a role player off the bench
Singleton - Looks like a bench role player
Mack - Journeyman at best

Wall - Starter, but was a starter as a rookie and has shown no significant improvement
Seraphin - Improving. Perhaps the only recent example of a developmental success. Though much of it might be because he plays for the French national team. And he's still not a starting quality player yet.
Booker - A role player. Was a pretty good role player as a rookie. No dramatic signs of development since. Won't be a starter.

Traded pick for Mike Miller

Javale McGee - 5th year in the league. Still not a starter.
Bill Walker - Journeyman. Is he even on a roster this year?

Nick Young - Not a starter.
Dominic McGuire - Role player

Pecherov - Bust. Out of league.

Blatche - Still not a starter.

Devin Harris - traded for Jamison
Peter John Ramos - Out of league

Jarvis Hayes - Never any good. Out of league
Steve Blake - Journeyman role player

Jared Jeffries - Never a quality starter
Juan Dixon - Journeyman role player.
Rod Grizzard - Out of league
Juan Carlos Navarro - Never panned out in the NBA

Kwame Brown - Never a decent starter despite being the #1 overall pick

Mike Smith - Who?

Richard Hamilton - Yay! The most recent example of a bonafide success story of developing a draft pick. And we traded him.

current 2012 record 0-7


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