Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy iOS New Year!

Well we are knee deep into the Capricorn Season
I  celebrated my birthday last week (12/25 - lol) turning a bright 32!

Boy do I feel my age LOL here's a list of things that have changed since saying good-by to my 20s
-TIRED TIRED: I recently changed jobs; shortened commute time, switched to less stressful job and I'm still tired. I attribute it halfway to age and to my habits. I tell people all the time being vegan is still not a pass, I still need to eat a better diet that consists of more raw foods and again less 'vegan junk'. I've decided to go gluten free and for me that's pretty easy change as I don't eat alot breads rice or pasta for me this means buckwheat (instead of oatmeal) and no breads (eating out) and continue to stick to veggie wraps.

-CONCENTRATION:  Lawwd now I kinda feel I was in denial of this but music + work = caplady cannot concentrate lol. Honestly I've grown alot anyway DC has killed gogo music, rap/r&B sucks.. so I listen to alot of beneficial podcasts, CNBC/Bloomberg streaming through out my day and honestly if I need background

-PATIENCE:  Man I'm pondering if technology has ruined my brain

note: actual post date 3/14/2014  - SMH 3 months later clearly not complete but trying to re-active my blog life

title will make sense in a moment (see next post)

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