Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Training for 2 races

It's been a while and I'm not sure I ever posted about myself running the innugural Nike woman's half marathon in 2013. Well since than I've barely jogged 3miles. 2015 will change all of that. I signed up for the DC Rock and Roll half next March and Monday I found out that I was selected for the Cherry Blossom 10miler in April. One thing I leaned this area is very competitive in races most of them you have to enter a lottery and hope for a miracle. Anywhoo at the advice of my pal Bill "loves steak" Walker since I'm always looking for accountability and I'm always online (Instagram and Twitter) why not blog my journey about getting back into shape and preparing for these races. Well whoop here it is post #1

Some background although I don't jog regularly I do cycle a lot in dc. However I guess different muscles groups are being used bc biking 10mi does not equate to running like a boss Lol!!!
Well since I moved out my swank bldg I had to find a new gym. This summer I joined balance (shouts out to Thomas circle). So I've been in and out the gym since about Aug. 

The schedule I'm following for the race is 12 weeks which puts me on the clock officially next week as the RnR half is March 14th. So I've been using dec to warm up slowly doing 2mi on the elliptical machine. I been battling going to gym afterwork it's cold it's dark I want to go home. So I'm testing going first thing more so get to work about 730 drop stuff off at work make sure no fires than workout 8-9am.  It's been successful thus far. Well today I went and added 1 mile of treadmill running (no incline). 
I'm a lil achy so I've been drinking the Vega protein mix (all vegan). Much more on nutrition will be posted later. Anyway tomorrow's rest day so I'll be back thur with a post. 

When I came home this cool shirt was in the mail

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