Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Blog Spot Post

Before I get going want to say Happy B-day (RIP) to my cappy-sis Aaliyah

We Love you Baby-Girl!!

Yes I"m on a blog roll:

Topics today:

The creation of a D.C Superstar: LA has Kobe, Clevand Lebron, Miami D.Wade- and DC has been bone dry (we not even gonna go there w/ the whole Mike Jordan expirement)..but and lets get this straight EARLY- I'm not a hop-on wiz fan. I became one back in 02-03 when 2 terps (Juan Dix, Steve Blake) were drafted.. so now that ya'll know I've seen the franchise go from Zero to Zero (LOL) haha meaning shoot if you ain't know I've talked about him before but its just amazing to see a Down-to-earth brother single handly ressurect a franchaise.. and if you missed Monday's MLK Game.. you missed the dagger play (second time this has happend)..Arenas.. takes the clock down.. goes out beyond the 3pt line then _ all he wrote but the DAGGER is.. he knows the shot is good so he walks off before the 'ish goes in (BOLD)!!!

All i can say is Feb 22nd babye.. i'll be at my 2nd wiz game of the season section 102 indeed!!

and while we on the subject of NBA: Buyouts- Basically the franchise can cut/terminate a players contract by the owner and playing agreeing to a sum. Afterwords the player is free to sign with another team. This just happend to Chris Webber sixer terminated his contract for like 20 million something saving them a lil dough meanwhile.. Chris just signed w/ the Pistons looking for that ring. Hellz no If I owned an NBA franchise and I got beef w/ a player or whatever.. im not gonna pay him off and let him sign with another team. He will sit on the bench and suffer or If I pay one them ballaz off better belive its gonna be for less than half the total value of the contract. Its not right how these bammas making millions.. acting like babies then make even more - No GOOD!

Tired.. and working on a transition to blogspot.. I love xanga but the closed comments is - No GOOD!

So I'll be back tomorrow w/ more ramblings:

Gotta talk about Iphone hype
Potomac River

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