Saturday, January 20, 2007

a day in the life of kelolo

so yesterday I'm standing at the metro bus stop waiting for one of the 10 million buses that pass by my apt to arrive at the tran station so I could go home.. while waiting I see my talkative neighbor w/ son in Tow. Now this dude he's a nice guy but lawd I only see him at the bus stop in the mornings and evenings and he always wants to banter on about nothing ... like when I'm wearing my headphones that clearly means DON"T TALK TO ME.. and esp in the morning; i'm not a morning person and i like to listen to my music, get a nap on the train ride in and get myself prepared for the 8 hour work day. But back to the story- this dude was like yeah man I'm pissed at the C2 Bus driver Me: why? Him: Yeah that bamma pulled off and left me and my son after I knocked on the window Me:4 real? Him: Yeap so I'm waitin for that bus to come back here to the metro imma tell that bus drriver ho wi feel.. Me: (happy that my bus just pulled up-walking away from him) : Okay well stay out of trouble...

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