Thursday, March 8, 2007


let me just note I'm mad last night I was halfway through another lengthy blog only for the power to go out- I was pissed once the lights came back on, I re-set the clocks and went to bed!! but Moonflower that's what my friends call me now, well one really but no one understands my new spirit of naturalness and creating your own inner spirituality. This name spawned when I asked my girl if she wanted to attend the Washington Home and Garden show this weekend at the convention center. She laughed in my face. People forget that I'm from the country and I grew up growing plants, and vegetables for years that what me and my aunts did in the summer. I got away from that during my transition to living up here in the city but now that im a self-proclaimed natural sistah I'm all about it. You cannot really trust the crap that is sold to us in the supermarkets. Now im not saying i'm growing all my food that's impossible given the life of a working woman but while I already have plants in the house I want to get some more plants and I told my girl I want to learn how to grow my own herbs (for cooking). I think that's cool! Can't do much from a one bedroom apartment with only a balcony but once i get a real home bet I will have an OFFICIAL garden!!

Another aspect of my life I'm evaluating is becoming a true vegetarian. Currently I only eat chicken, turkey, fish seafood. This year marks my 10th anniversary of when I gave up eating pork and red-meat, cut if off cold turkey. I worked in the kitchen nursing home and was exposed to food galore and one morning after eating bacon I felt so disgusted I was like about 16 and i had bacon for breakfast everyday since i was probably 10 or younger. I just kirked in the kitchen and all my co-workers thought I was playing but I had that job until I was about 20 even in college and they always asked if I reniged- never that. I can't even stomach red-meats with out feeling sick and the smell of pork(salty) YUCK.. and I hate touching meat anyway so that helps me want to say NO. I"m debating about eliminating seafood/fish only because the Nation of Islam brothers I kicked it with in highschool used to preach against eating food from the bottom of the food chain aka the scavengers of the earth. I still remember their words...For turkey- done, chicken- not so easy. While my cooking has improved I"m no Food-network TV chef and we all know how easy it is to make chicken dishes so that's a challenge for me to step up and learn how to make the veggie dishes. Today is day 3 and its been OK so far... steamed veggies for lunch tomorrow, have baked beans for dinner.. the weekend.. eh will be hard but all I can do is try one day at a time.

Last topic before I hit the sofa is I forgot to inform the world about my upgrade. Traded my Nintendo DS for a Sony PSP. Got a nice deal from Gamespot- DS + Games = 170 only paid 30 more for brand new PSP (200$). Why did I do this you ask cuz I loved my lil DS basically I still haven't gotten a WII but my boy from work was telling me how the PSP can play games from the NES,SNES,Gameboy era - which is what the Virtual Console feature of the WII does. For me I love new games but they are too complex in game play plus you have to have HD this HD that to really get the full effect. I don't have time for all that. I just want to play a lil mario laugh, and that's that LOL. So through help of another friend I downloaded custom firmware (the operating system of the PSP) and that allows me to play old games using emulators and ROMS.. if you want more info google those terms cuz not trying to break now laws explaining how to do that but I'm happy the PSP is cool alot of customization is possible. Here are a couple of screen shots:

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