Sunday, March 18, 2007

shouldn't be up this early (scream)

Just had a tour of PG County thanks to my sis springing on me the task of taking my neice down to meet some chick so they can head back to NCCU today.. not mad at the abruptness mad at the time factor 730am! Everyone knows Ke doesn't get up before 12 on weekends unless I'm going to church. So i'm hoping my body will wind back down so I can get a lil nap this morning.. I should stay up go to church but I"m tired yesterday I had a long day.
While on my tour I finally saw the 'rich' area of PG .. Always knew Upper Marlboro was up there in value, but I was passing signs for homes starting at 500,000-1,000,000 -zany!!

Speaking of expensive prices let me give a quick recap of my hunt for a new apartment in Greenbelt aka lil Bethesda. Yes I'm spoiled having rent of less than 900 and I can easily get a 2 bedroom in my complex for probably 1100 but I wanted to move away for my current area, not that I'm unhappy just want a change and more space. Called up a few places down the street, they quoting 1300-1400 for 1 bedroom 1500+ for 2 bedroom. I was floored!! Yes Greenbelt is kinda fake white and my rent is low cuz i live in the quote "hood" of the city but whatever its no reason for them to be charging Montgomery Co. prices for apt because they have been renovated. I decided to stay put not only because of the crazy rent but because I'm about to start this new gig and I can't take the stress of moving on top of a new I'll stay put for another year and work on Project fake renovate apt. My problem was I been living here will be 4 years in May and every year I was I'm not gonna by because I always said I 'm moving when my lease is up. My apt is fully furnished and quite homely but my vice is I don't have any bedroom furniture so I literally live out of clothes baskets and plastic tubs, granted my walk in closet is huge and holds most of my clothes is just not organized in my bedroom, always clothes/crap on the floor. My livingroom bookshelf has been out of space for over a year, hence crates of books in the floor... so I will ikea it up so I can maximize the space I have while keeping my home organized.

CISSP Class review:
Sometimes I forget I work in a industry of Geeks...the folks in this class were up there w/ their dockers and plaid shirt blends Now I'm not trying to be the pot calling the kettle back cuz deep inside of this ghetto exterior are some crucial g33ky ways lol.. I'm just so cool and chill with it you wouldn't know I was into the PC scene unless the convo was on the subject.. It was only 4 girls in the class but I"m glad I wasn't the only sister!! I was not that impressed w/ the teacher, he was a lil unorganized and dry. More ammo for me becoming an IT teacher one key to getting your students learning is to present the material in the most interesting way. One thing that kills me anywhere I go is bammas that read the powerpoint slide directly You are supposed to expand on the bulleted points not regurgitate the f-ing material.. God that makes me so mad when folks do it!!

Dream I had:
To dream that you are on a boat, denotes fruitful endeavors and that your plans will go off without a hitch. Luck will be right beside you.
Makes me happy because I am stressed thinking about this new job and class etc etc...

Slipped up with some shopping:
I had been doing quite well not purchasing stuff but I rolled up to Smile Herb in College Park Sat because I had beeen doing research on what natural products my mom can use to help her arthris. I bought her something called Elephant Balm to soothe the aches and swelling, the pills I want to buy her cost a grip so I'm looking for cheaper solution on the net. I'm trying some new vitamins called Women's Iron support, hopefully they will get me some energy and keep my blood flowing so that I'm not cold al the time, plus I need the extra boost with my new meatless diet. My two splurges were some homemade soap (8.95):

I also got a necklace (30% off- 20$) of some rocks binded together that supposed to invoke Courage within one self- not sure if its a placebo thing but either way its pretty:

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