Friday, March 23, 2007

what pisses me off

#1when I see other people w/ my BAG!!

this week's culprit:

Victoria's Secret Supermodel tote:
The history behind this bag; it was a promotion only bag back in winter of 06...I suspect its back as promotion bag (spring??) because all winter i barely saw people w/ this bag and while driving home the other day through DC i spotted like 3 chicks with it..which mean this tote is out of rotation for at least a year..which is cool I didn't wear it much because it was a lil larger than i thought it would be.

#2 people taking pics of themselves via cellphone
and the phone all in the pic IRRITATING- you see this foolishness all over myspace - looks tacky

That's enough I don't label myself as a hater.. here's more random 'ish a blog recapping the last few days of my life.

Had some serious 'ish go down in the family: my neice and newphew were involved in a bad car accident.. might have seen it on the news. Police SUV slams into Honda nephew is OK..just tore knee ligaments he has been discharge .. my neice (driver) took most of the damage.. she still in ICU but is improving..she's responding to commands, moving her body parts but it will be a long journey on the road of recovery but GOD and time is on her side..they are only 22..

So more real music coming out.. First MUSIQ now sexy mofo Redman

He's releasing a new LP- Red gone wild- should be quality rap music!

Got my first bike ride of the season in Sunday- yippee.. did about 2 miles around the lake. I'm feeling it too legs stuff but I wasn't as winded as I thought I would be..The lake was packed with the mexicanos..folks down at the shore taking weddings pic (LOL).. mad BBQs going on..I had to be strong because Im on week 4 of the Vegetarian lifestyle.. and I've been telling my folks once I hit a month I'm good. It has been easier than I thought and I really haven't been fixing the crucial veggie dishes like I want due to lack of funds.. but I had salmon salad last week at my going away luncheon at work joint was bomb. I picked up a Burrito at the organic market joint was bomb (and first time I had mexican food that did not come from chiptole).
I'm tired of being joaned on by my black people.. calling me hippie then calling me a fake vegetarian because I still drink milk.. I'm like loosers vegans are the ones that don't take any animal products so basically the new rule is kelolo is not explaining her food choices to anyone anymore cuz somebody always gonna say something negative!!

-That's all for now!

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