Monday, July 9, 2007

Couple of annoucements before I go to bed

Today is Tai Shan's b-day he's 2 and look how's big he's grown!! We can't call him butterstick anymore him a big boy now!!!

One more quick annoucment before I go to sleep and FYI the insomnia is cured!

This is the best website (well #2 in my book after The Purse Forum -
Welcome to The Purse Forum, the web's #1 community for handbag lovers and shoulder fashion fetishists!

Over 56,000 members have contributed over 3,000,000 articles in 136,000+ threads about the hottest 'it' bags of the seasons, they've evaluated eBay sellers and other online stores and discussed thousands of other topics...

My girl just put me on this site earlier today and was SCIN it but I didn't have much time to check it out so i was like let me peep this real quick before I turn in. Its like I've found a new cyber-home. There are other people on earth who share my love of handbags.
Its already written I'm registering tomorrow and dedicated my whole day to this site. Here are some of the features I peeped on the low:
-bag meet and greets
-bag spottings w/ pics
-style / color guides
Like this site is CRUCIAL.. i can't even step to these bammas like these ladies have spent big bread on high fashion bags but I have to thank GOD for this site its a blessing for an addict like myself!!!

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