Thursday, July 5, 2007

have insomnia

honestly i haven't sleep right since I got my tooth extracted last friday.. but its healing no more pain..whats the root cause of this problem!!! beats me but im quite frustrated that I woke up early on my day off (4th of July) Last night I went to bed at 4am.. woke up 6 for work.. I don't know how I made it all day, although im sure that 1st stop to Starbucks helped but im cranky.. im used to sleeping 8-10 hours on non work days and that's not happening. So this evening I'm trying au natural methods to get this body to ZzZZ made some tea w/ hops, Valerian root 2 herbs.. that are supposed to help the body naturally fall asleep although im sure if i had some other herbs.. sleep wouldn't be a problem hehehehe...anyway on top of that took a shower w/ some Bath and Body works aromatherapy Sandlewood which is supposed to promote relaxation.. so Im bout eat dinner (steamed veggies) and hope that induces "itis" plus I have some Body shop aromatherapy sleep spray that I'm going to spray on my pillow (It's not a game folks I'm TIRED).. anyway im off praying hoping something makes me sleepy otherwise I"m going ala sleeping pill route tomorrow!!
I'll be back with another blog Lata I know i still owe Julie Dexter concert review post

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ProfessorB said...

Going to work with only 2 hours of sleep isn't the best situation. But you made it through! I used to feel horrible at work after I had little sleep but I'm fine now when it occasionally happens.