Thursday, July 26, 2007

this is my day of kirkin out

on corporate Instant messenger- I guess IM is a tool mainly used and accepted by 30 and over because I find my older co-workers just don't get the concept of IM (short message) as in don't send me a email with 1 line of text= an IM message. then when you go to confront them bout they say "ooh I hate IM its annoying messages popping up" so you rather waste precious email space to send me a stupid one-line email. Seriously I'd rather get a phone call then an email with 1 line of text.. those make me KIRK OUT!

on subway refusing to serve me pizza- The hell' only in VA would some crap like this gonna happen. If you didn't know already subway serves pizza that quite tasty actually. I only had it once and I went in there often and they would always tell me no pizza today. So I'm like dag are people buying out their whole stash? Found out the truth when i got carried. Apparently they only serve pizza before 10am and after 2pm! I was mad at that BS, and I really got heated when I was buying Subway breakfast one morning, only to have to wait in line because bammas were ordering full sandwiches. So I'm thinking yall need to restrict that crap since yall wanna be Pizza Natzi's. Chicken/turkey/ham/tuna whatever sandwiches should be served after 10am.. Be fair about it!

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ProfessorB said...

I used to work in a company that had and used corporate IM. I miss that.