Friday, October 10, 2008

feelin it

this raw detox has really made a sister embrace her inner vegetarian self. I didn't know it existed. I have been eating so many new foods let me run down the list:

1. falafel: I've seen it in many restaurant just not veggie spots so I finally asked someone wtf is this? They its like fried mash chickpeas so i was like hmm ok.. anyway the spot aka my new favorite vegetarian restaurant (Berwyn Cafe) made me a sample falafel patty to go with my meal for free talk about a sicer plus the joint was good yay. Perfect Pita bomb spot near work servers falafel so I will try it at work Monday- yes let me repeat that because I'm super blown I have to work Monday and I have a crucial meeting at that so grr I got prep myself Sunday since Sat I'm going to shop till I drop- okay not really but I do have to hit up the MAC makeup sale and I need some new work shirts desperately but err anyway post about the food not shopping :(
2. tofu lentil loaf- yumm.. its bomb because I love lentils but the tofu makes it filling..good with brown rice
3. Italian tofu balls w/ tomato sauce over brown rice- cranking dish from the i didn't realize tofu can taste so good lol also feeling that switch up rice instead of pasta diggin that
4. new wholefoods based energy bar- BG Bar (Fortified with sprouted grains, greens, and Super Blue Green® Algae)- First of all I've been sleeping on the health benefits of sprouts (more on that later), the blue gree algae is out there but the bar tastes bomb, so you don't feel like you are eating "seaweed" lol. It also has 10g of protein which I need alot of due to me not eating any meat. Plus I do get a good energetic feeling after eating the bar usually for breakfast.
5. Sprouted Whole Grain Bread- Basically sprouted bread is bread made after some of the wheat germ has sprouted which gives your more vitamins & minerals and this bread is a good protein source as well. You have to keep it refrigerator so I've been eating it warmed with jelly nice filling snack.
6. Soy Dairy Products- I was such a soy milk hater but I guess my body's adjusted to it because I've been drinking soy milk by its self, also in my Sbux lattes and my cereal :0 . I've had soy based yogurt- eh I'm 50/50 it was good just very thick. I'm still a believer in organic skim milk and regular yogurt, so I'm going to keep thinking about if this will be a permanent switch or not.

So you can see I'm on day 12 of the Raw Foods Detox and other than moving my 1 hot meal around sometimes I'm staying true to the detox.

I have some more confessions I'm turning into a Youtube junkie.. not as in watching movies (been there done that) but as in uploading home made vidz (not those kinds perverts) but my fresh lil canon makes good small vidz for when me and my friends are out lunchin or I'm out visiting places.
For instance I went to a 'special place' last weekend lol a gay (dude) club. Down round Howard called Town Dance Boutique. It was an all out dance party with a drag queen show. My girl who I went with went to Nations (old dance club) before during a foam party night so she knew all about the twirling and glow sticks scene, me on other hand was like just like Wow lol more like Wow!
The Dragqueen was halarious I had no idea they were going to dance and lipsync. The lady/dude hosting the show was great she really got the audicne involved bought some gay white boyz on stage pratcially made him strip really OC. The show lasted about 1.5 and then it was 2 floors of disco lights and straight house music. The place was huge and they had a $3 acholic slushy drink machine OMG good and will get your fried. Man all the gay dancing I couldn't even party because I was laughing so hard at the twirling but it was fun espically because I love all genres of house music. I mos def will be going again hopefully I can find me a gay boyfriend to dance with me all night long.

Some movies from the night:

Queen doing her best Mary J Blige rendention

Status report on the Hometeams:
Nats: Season over.. worst record in the league (work on that)
Wizards: Trying to be an optimistic fan Arenas out, Haywood out (4-6 months) Jaimson (knee sprain should be ready opening night) Like I could deal with Arenas out but Haywood too unless the youngins on the squad are ready to step up big time we are going to struggle.
Caps: So blown about wizards might start watching hockey.
Redskins: Shining Stars out of the bruch (Thank God). Hopefully we will be safely 5-1 after Sunday just have to take it 1 game at time but folks need to stop sleepin on the team.

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