Friday, January 16, 2009

weather bug says its 18degress

woooo Pres Obama should be at home with this Chicago like weather we are experiencing right now this is the time now when we need snow.. its finally cold enuff

I want to try and pick up a bottle of this for my sis who heavily drinks the brown. Hennesey knew what they were doing black folks are going crazy over the Obama henny LOL

I'm about to start my mini-vacation by enjoying this marathon of living single (my favorite show in the world) on BET.

Before I go time to serenade another one of my astrological sistas:

Today, Jan. 17th, is First-Lady-in-Waiting Michelle Obama’s 45th birthday. All I can say is YOU GO GIRL!! You are now, well soon the new DIVA of the white house- march on!

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ms_sugakane said...

Girl...not the OBAMA Henny tho, LOL