Tuesday, January 20, 2009

last day of vacation/thoughts on Innaguration

First of all no disrespect to the out of towners but I'll be happy to have the city back to normal... I only went out to the city one time Monday evening to meet the Seattle side of my family for dinner. Man downtown was lunching even the regular spots was off they most VIP we couldn't even get into Hardrock cafe.. so after being denied access to some spots we said eff it went to COSI. Worked out great because they don't have COSI on the west coast.. and I love the shop, a lil expensive but tasty. The train ride downtown started off scary because it was a HUGE line outside Greenbelt Metro but me being me went around snuck in, and that's when I realized all those bammas were lined up for farecards. Of course closer we got to downtown more it got packed but jeez it was like summer tourist overload.. so many questions and folks taking pics on metro.

A few of my girls braved DC this AM.. me since I was "teleworking" and working I was because the job kept calling and I had to waste hour of cell phone mins for 1 pm telecon anyway.. I got a call from them at 11 like they gave up waiting in the cold so.. they came here and we watched the swearing in. I loved First Lady outfit though I was like she don't have a coat she must be cold but the green gloves and green pumps FIERCE!

My fav pic from today

"Greatness is never a given. It must be earned. " Pres. Obama quote I loved from his speech. Call me late to the Obama mania because my friends will tell you during the election time I might have read all of 1 article on politics (just sooo not my cup of tea). I'm one of those I voted now leave me alone type of cats which I will admit is a big ignorant given all the hardwork my ancestor did to secure those rights, but considered me a somewhat changed woman. Amazon.com should be shipping my Michele Obama book out (jive like possible role model) and I plan to read Barack's books later as well. Like I've been telling folks lets ride this high.. I'm feeling it because one we as people have no more "white man kept me down" excuses from both the sistas and the brothers.. like we achieved the highest position in American.. limits do not exist anymore in my opinion. I defiantly love Obama embracing technology, change.gov site and the forthcoming CTO cabinet position (Gives me a goal).

One thing that intrigued me as an InfoSec professional.. all the security planning and execution that went into this event. For example Obama's Caddy:

Like I said I'm on a personal high right now motivation on 100% not only did I amazon Michele books but got a 2009 GRE prep book because the program I'm lusting to get in could prepare me for doing work related to events like this. GWU has a bomb program related to InfoSec, actually one of the few schools in the area that has a full masters in this topic. It won't be an easy task to get into GWU and paying for GWU but prayfully if its meant to be God will recieve it for me. In the future I'm hoping to maybe one day I transfer from straight D-Dept to other agencies or a joint program because White House communications, Defense, Homeland we are one big old family.

On that note readers be please be pleased with the 5 posts for Jan lol.. work about to crank up to another notch and I don't go purposely MIA but I may have work trip in Feb (more details later) so I just gotta keep grinding- happily though because so many folks are with jobs no point in complaining.

Oh and LOL I broke down and joined twitter (only because I don't like spaming facebook with status updates)- Follow me... Follow me (sung to the tune of the Baltimore house song)

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