Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live from Bahrain

Live from Bahrain I can’t get into a long post because I’m secretly typing this while I should be working and folks keep staring at my screen grrr…

Heres a map because I had to ask wtf the country was at. Don't let the location scare you.. we in the "hotzone" but its pretty safe on this island

I guess you guys are wondering why I’m here and for how long? I don’t like to announce things until I’m 100% sure but I’m here on a work trip. Been getting fried at work for being an international travel virgin but I got my passport in DEC and I lost that status the second we landed in Germany (layover). The flight was about 18 hours. cramped and uncomfy.

Touched down late Sunday night or whatever been very confusing since we are +8 hrs ahead. Ya’ll know the D-Dept we do it way big so I and my coworker are staying in the fab Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa Resort. To say high class is an understatement.. these bammas have Bvlgari Soap in the bathrooms.. there’s a Bentley out front everyday and one night I saw a green Lambo parked. Obama you better do you job because the Dept has not slowed down on the spending LOL.

The only way I can describe the country is Miami feel (palm trees water) with Vegas bldgs (tall and glowing). I’m jealous right now because I heard the weather in DC is high 60’s and its unseasonably cool for the “desert” <80 degrees really been 60s & 70s. I’m down to my last pair of pants but so glad I packed pantyhose and sweats because its CHILLY! I will try and have some pics up next week when I get back but like I’ve been telling my friends not much to take and 8-8 I’m at work and its dark when we get off.

Today is day 4 and woo wee I’m tired not only due to the time change but we have been putting in 10-12 hour days. The motivation is a nice check with about +20 hrs and PER DIEM. I just learned about the PER DIEM hustle recently, now I understand why people lust to be on the road. Out here its 100$ a day which sounds like a lot but the exchange rate SUCKS!! Their currency is BD and its basically 3 American dollars to 1 BD. I should come out with a nice profit because the food is cheap even when you eat at a nicer establishment.
I have not be doing any mass shopping because another sneaky tactic is for them to not lower the retail price but to put BD in front of it so that you would really be paying 3 times the amount. Pretty much been sticking to the local shops, which are known for nice gold jewelry and scarves. I got get about 20 of those ghetto DC Taliban scarves to buy for my friends they like “YOUNG, get us the authentic joints “ LOL my coworkers thing I’m crazy; I keep telling them this is the style in the city, they old and live in VA (enuff said LOL).

All I can say is I already told my girls I’m laying the ground work.. wouldn’t mind a stint out here forreal 1 year or so.. that way I can stack $$$$$$ for a house down payment because folks are caking out here.. and Obama ‘claims” that he will be changing contractor rules so I need to get on it before its too late.

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