Monday, January 26, 2009

wii fit is vicious

so I finally found it last week at the target I work on top of LOL.. makes stalking products so easy.. but I was very surprised it was <$100 no wonder it was sold out eveywhere.
Very fun yet challenging.. today the first time I really put some work in 20 mins.. I knew I had bad posture but man this WII trainer is frying me all the time low scores, the yoga is viscous still have the same problems on the game I had doing real Yoga; breathing and moving those positions man you have to be FOCUSED

I'm happy at my techsavy President.. revamped
I read he got to keep his Blackberry the NSA version.. that's cool you can't expect a person of 2009 to take there life off-line..

I better pray for snow I'm supposed to be up here finish some work something called a Quad Chart which is pissing me because we already have weekly/monthly reports, project plans, another tool my boss uses for status and now I gotta do this.. its too colorful and bright

enough rambling Family guy is distracting me gotta finish this work up then sleep maybe I can get snow delay tomorrow LOL

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