Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vegan Pizza

Hello i need to blog more so im going to put on my vegan hat and talk about this pizza i made

now i make many variants of pizza depending on whats in stock at the organic market so imma give the FULL shagbang and show what is and is not always necessary


a gluten/vegan pizza bread

oilive oil


onions (1/2 to 1) depending on your love for onions // also have used onion flakes

ginger root

red pepper flakes

Italian seasoning


pizza sauce

nutrional yeast flakes




red peppers

spinach leaves/salad




chop up veggies sprinkle with salt

chop up garlic onion ginger root to the desired size - I like mines minced as possible than I sprinkle red pepper flakes all into a lil bowl and let sit to the side 5-10 mins (minimum)

take your dough and baste olive oil

add pizza sauce + itailan herbs (to heart's content) + ginger/garlic/onion base

add veggies

sometimes i like to add more sauce mix it all up

sprinkle sprinkle lots of nutrional yeast (what provides the cheese taste) + more Italian herbs + fresh basil + drizzle lil bit of olive oil

pop in oven 15-20mins+ depending on how crispy you like your pizza and eat up

Since I'm currently reading Greens for life book - i remixed my pizza last night and chopped up my salad greens as topping and WOW- i loved it!

Eat up peeps- and I'mma try to blog more .....

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J9 said...

Love how you incorporated the pics in your step by step pizza making! Actually looks really yummy!