Sunday, March 6, 2011

Raw Foods detox - Day 1

hewwo peeps... its about to go down my annual sometimes bi-yearly Raw Food Detox; details below:

When: Sunday, March 6th – Saturday, March 19th (14 days)

What: This is our classic RAW/Cooked detox.

*Each day, you can enjoy as many uncooked, unprocessed foods as you like (fruits, veggies, etc).
*In addition, once per day (before 6pm) you may enjoy 1 cooked meal.
*Your cooked meal may consist of whole grains, veggies, beans, eggs, and baked/broiled fish/seafood (this is a new ‘perk’ for you classic detox challenge participants). Dairy, other meats, and other processed foods are restricted during the 14days.

I'm preparing to really really embrace true raw food meals with the hopes to strength my vegan principles. Thanks to our local borders going outta business I've scooped a few books to aid my journey.

1. I mentioned greens for life (previous post)
2. Raw Food for Everyone: Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes

What I like so far about this book is I learned technically balsamic vinegar is not a raw food as it comes from reduced cooked grapes. I'm also LOVING the idea of herb infused olive oil - like OMG I always make my own salad dressing surprised I never thought of this concept earlier- gonna take my dressings to another level!

2. 1000 Vegan recipes- I had 2 great vegetarian books but I was overdue for good vegan cook book. I haven't read much with this book but I'm looking to some help with healthy breakfast options.

I'm about to go continue working on meal planing as I prepare to visit the best organic market in the DC Area - shout out to MOMS Organic Market

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J9 said...

What is herb infused olive oil and how do you make it? Sounds good