Tuesday, July 22, 2008

presenting ....... HM

HM aka High Maintenance is the name of my bonsai plant.

My Asian co-worker broke down the science behind this hobby. Basically the art is to grow the tree so that its stays miniature and grows in a design that is breath taking.
Its plant slavery because to achieve these results one must bind the branches with wire and prune away the branches so that it will grow in the direction dictated by the owner. My little baby bonsai isn't the pretty type but its special "attribute" is that the roots grow above ground. I haven't figured out a plan for how to take care of this sukka but I will soon because these plants can live for 10yrs+ and the longer you own them the more you can sell it for, thus the plant is now an investment lol.

It's time to update my wants list.. after years of surviving with a broke Dooney & Bouke wristlet with a broke zipper and that replacement D&B that broke, I finally caught a Macys sale the featured a reduced Coach Wristlets. Coupled with my xmas gift card I saved, bought the total bill to 18$ for:
$70 Retail price on sale for 40 -$25 gift card= 18 bill.

I have a new item on the list $20 Chanel nailpolish. Found in this month's INstyle featuring Rianna who has come a LONG way fashion wise she pulled a Lil' Wayne on society because she is fab now (not a huge fan of music but I respect it and her look is Great!!).
Anyway I'm sad to say I'm displeased with the MAC laquer. The colors rock but I cannot deal with the chipping. I've tried every no chip top color but by day 2 its a hot mess! Now folks feel Capladyz spend without any thought or rational, so not true. All we desire is quality products now if that comes through a top label so be it. I love and respect MAC makeup but the polish does not cut it for my fingers, stays on OK with my toes (weird) so I'm willing to to pay for the Chanel polish and hope that it will look good and stay on without any chipping. I'm a fashion magazine fanatic and INstyle is one of my favs so I'm going to trust their recommendiation on the polish.

I'm done the Kimora book which was WAY better than what I thought Full review will be up by the weekend.

Mom in town only 2 more days loving the QT but tired of the naggin lol must go now and put out some laundry for her to wash tomorow while I'm at work since apparently, I don't do a good job lol.

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