Thursday, August 7, 2008

its August

grrr. I'm still around.. working like a slave. Peep my quote about work:

The fields are now offices, the cotton are computers!

My side-businesses of fixing PCs is picking up heavily so when I'm not holding down Defense, I'm still grinding !

Was in Atlantic City last weekend:

My mom used to take me every summer from like age 7-12, its not like I remember much other than boardwalk and the Taj Mahal but my aunt had a house on Baltic Ave (which I wish she never sold;black folks gotta learn to hang onto property). The area has changed alot nice outlet shopping in btw the neighborhoods and the boardwalk life. Happy my girl got her first Coach bag- I also have to say I left out of there with a few possessions:

Coach Travel bag aka le Cap_Lady's electronic's holder (love da pockets)

Keychain (start of a new addiction)

Hair Scarf

Other than shopping, got a lil' brown via the beach, lost 60$ at the casino, overall successful trip!

I have to rant about my new fav shopping experience Ideeli:
Its like an auction with a spin. There are two tiers of membership VIP user and regular. The advantage of being VIP is you get to bid on the sales one hour before everyone else and I don't know maybe you see auctions that others don't have access to. The auctions come in the form of a few emails a day (not always everyday) but trust they have some great deals; I have been tempted a time or two. Its invite only so if you can't get holla I will hook you up (women's fashion only lol)

As apart of my sidebusiness I had to meet a customer downtown at the Washington Post Company. What a grand experience lol- I kept waiting for someone to run in yelling "Breaking News" It was like being on a TV show due to so much activity going on, folks working on stories all the history hanging around the atmosphere was amazing. The lady I'm helping is retiring this month ... man plus I know someone working in WaPo IT dept really makes me wanna do a career exchange work in the technews section or something but I'm chilling for now.

I was on the train home one day and I saw someone reading using a Kindle. I know yall like wtf is that but its a e-book reader that (my fav site in the world) makes.
Its competing with the wack Sony E-book reader so it was good to actually see it in person.

Quick Fabulousity book review:
A surprisingly good read. One I started watching her little show Im so not into reality TV and I always thought Kimora was a fluke gold digger. I didn't know she had money before she met Russel. Though I'm hardly no PhatFarm/Baby Phat fan I do have mad respect for her for starting Baby Phat off the ground and for being a dedicated mom. I was sad to hear about her and Russel divorcing they were together for a min for bring Holly-wood Folks. For a 7$ used book ( I enjoyed her tips on being a better woman/business woman- developing confidence, being able to manage different areas in your life (from the closet to the checkbook), taking care of you body, and trying to live the best lifestyle possible. I forgot she was a model and pretty tall so also being a 5'10 sista her tips for sicing the height helped me because I tend to not wanna stand out but hey gotta work what God gave me.

Chasing Destiny is a quick read found in the 5$ section at my local bookstore. Its been ages since I read black fiction from that (omar tyree/ eric jermon dickey / new fiction genre) One, the stories can be good but its all the same so I jumped into *embarrassed* Oprah fiction (handed down from my aunt) good reads genres all over.

My next read is David's Allen Getting Things Done (GTD). Its a whole world dedicated to that type of life organization. I read this book out of college thinking it would help me I was hardly in the go-hard working mindset lol so I need to re-read it now because I'm all over the place I feel like I need an assistant to help me balance my life and I'm close to hiring a maid because I"m so busy theses dayz I have to save all cleaning for the weekend.
Now my job got me into slight (baby) project management and trust I'm good at identifying what needs to be done, organizing 'ish, writing lists out but after that step stuff goes crazy and I'm getting things done randomly and not structured like I desire. I gotta fix that and develop a system that can help me stay straight at work and at home. Need make these millions so I can continue shopping and get me a house in the city!

Anyway my starbucks is wearing off.. Peace!

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