Friday, August 22, 2008

1st attempt at photo bloggin

Before I get to the pictures let me say some words first lol

man today I realized people are still behind on the technology in today's world. I got friends who still don't know how to use eBay (and ask me to get their stuff), friends who don't know how to download music that's not on Limewire, i got friends who don't know how to put music on their Ipods, so I'm not complaining really just more amazed but hey it keeps me employed.

speaking of I'm slowly trying to get my side business off the ground like a sista is swamped at her real gig and swamped fixing PCs on the side like a I need an assistant no joke, but the last step in the process is to file paperwork at the MD state tax assessment office to become an LLC but thats gonna cost like about $200 for the license. I really don't wanna pay them that much dough, but I need to stop loafing and mail that check in. But real talk anybody who has talent and does work outside of work you need to man up and look into being a legit company and seek the tax benefits. Like I'm proud to say I know alot of small business owners who are minorities (not just black folks) including one of my close friends and anther homey looking to become an LLC. I'm not only referring to IT companies like its alot of money to be made out here ppl follow your dreams always!

Anyway some quick news about the site in the future will be having another contributor join this blog not sure what alias she is using yet so for now lets just call her miss Pisces
we have not ironed out the kinks yet as to how this will work so...yeah

Next Blog will be the official DC Restaurant Reviews... and now the pics:

Taken from North Arlington Condo Rooftop:

Logan Circle (DC) and my lust for rowhomes:


ProfessorB said...

Keep pushing to get your business legally off the ground. It is amazing that people don't know how to take advantage of the advances in computer technology. My coworker at my last job gave me this advice for getting help using a computer program: hit F1.

Tawnee said...

Great photos of the homes in Logan Circle. I love that area.