Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my first and last post on the election

i hate much..
but anyway I'm voting for Obama one cuz he a brother and two:

More McCain vs. Obama and the impact on government contracting


Many defense contractors are on the fence about this year’s presidential election because both candidates hold positions that are not business friendly, according to a BusinessWeek report.

Traditionally, the Republican Party is seen as more defense friendly, while the Democratic Party wants to increase domestic spending. But the lines aren’t so clear cut this time around.

While there are few doubts that GOP nominee John McCain wants to keep a strong military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan until the wars there are won, he also wants tighter reins on government spending. For example, he wants to eliminate some types of multi-year contracts.

Obama is a staunch defender of U.S. jobs, which should help defense companies
Yup...I need the funds to keep flowing in my industry so I can stay employed thank you!

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