Saturday, August 9, 2008

bombdotCOM outside

manyeah! Friday morning stepped out to work I was like what the hell felt like a crisp Fall day. By noon the bldg was quiet.. total of 6 work related emails received.. folks playing hooky left and right lol.

Today's even better cuz-- Hey no work could enjoy the great weather all day. Of course I got out the bed bout 1:30 knocked out some sidework - had to send some invoices to customers need my money. Took my caddi out aka my 21 speed bike. Hit Lake Artmesia biked about 7 miles. I had to make a quick detour to Smile Herb Shop in College Park to pick up the BEST chapstick ever- Badger Balms.
"These dreamy new balms feature a rich base of certified organic cocoa butter, certified organic extra virgin olive oil, golden yellow beeswax and CO2 extracts of Seabuckthorn Berry and Rose Hip – natural, plant-based anti-oxidants. They also contain an organic Aloe Vera Extract for added dry weather protection."
Its expensive as hell like 4$ a stick/12$ for the 3-pack but man mositurizing and scented and glides well over lipglass. These the only chapsticks I have to make sure don't get thrown in laundry or lost in handbags cost too much to be replacing everymonth.

I also was able to test out my new hydropack. Now for those like wtf is that- Its a bookbag that holds water that you sip through a lil tube.
I wish I had made the investment years ago because it was so cool just riding and sipping without having to carry and pull out Gatorade bottle. I got a good deal on eBay for like 40$ cuz these packs can sell for 50$+ in real stores, joint in College Park wanted $100 I was like hell no that's a deposit towards a real purse lol. Speaking of I should have bought my camera but it was some 'model' chick walking around the lake in a striped bootyshort suit in wedge heels carrying a vicious MCM bag walking a lil puppy with a photographer following her around.. I don't know WTF was going on with that lol but she rekindled my need for a vintage MCM bag.

This week gonna be crazy my BFF going out of the country for two weeks so we spending time together Monday going to Triste Lounge in Adams hope its fun cuz im like the only person whos not pressed over Adams Morgan. Tuesday supposd to be going to my first Nats game.. Wed-Friday working like a fiend than I'm participating in DC Restaurant week Sat (Bobby Vans Steakhouse) and Sunday (Merkado).

Anyway must go just informed the Redskins have a preason game on!!

*edit* My boy just hooked me up with a fogdog link just copped my 2nd Skins jersey hopefully i won't get cursed again and the bamma leave the team but the deal was great 43$ out the door.. its not authentic not like I care about that 'ish I just need something I can wear to work so folks know iRep the hometeam!

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